How to boost your chances of graduating with a high grade


If you are going to go to all of the trouble and expense of attending university, it makes sense to graduate with good marks. Graduating Suma Cum Laude rather than simply Cum Laude will open up more opportunities for you. So, it is worth your while to do everything you can to secure a decent grade.

Paying attention to the small things as well as the big ones is the key to getting the best possible mark. All of your efforts soon add up. Getting the small things that contribute a few percent to your grade right can make a huge difference to the overall result. Below are some of the things that students let slip through the cracks, which you should look out for and stay on top of.

Create perfect citations

Using the APA citation tool from Scribbr will ensure that every academic paper you submit has proper citations. Whoever marks your work will be able to immediately see that the points you are making are backed up. Providing them with the confidence to know that you have done the research properly and are not distorting things. This sets them up mentally to see your work as being of a high standard and therefore deserving of a decent grade.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

Far too many students are shy about asking for help when they need it. There is a tendency to stumble through because you don’t want to bother anyone. Or, you believe things will become clearer later on. Sometimes that is what happens. Unfortunately, often it does not. By the time you realize that you have no choice but to seek help, it is too late and you are so far behind that catching up takes a superhuman effort. So, if you are stuck and have been unable to find the answer on your own, ask.

Take full advantage of the available resources

There are tons of resources that are made available to students, so take advantage of them. For example, attend office hours, take part in class discussions, and network with students who are a year or two ahead of you.

Build strong relationships with your professors

Work to make a connection with your professors. Show interest, be enthusiastic, go that bit further with your research, and volunteer to help out. When you do that your professor will be more attentive towards you. Even the ones that are struggling to keep up with the demands of research, teaching, and looking after 150+ students.

Work consistently

At all stages of your course, you need to be working as hard as you can without burning yourself out. Even if you are up to date with your work, don’t ease up. Instead, work on something that will help you in the coming term. Getting into the habit of studying every day will enable you to maintain momentum and power through the more difficult sections of your course.

Those are some of the small things that will make a big difference to how well you do at university. But, you also need to avoid making big mistakes too. If you want to know what the most common ones are and how to avoid them just click here.


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