How can you use color and lighting to make your home the best and improve the mood?

Light and color have a major effect on the mood of your home. Having a poor combination of color and light can affect your moods and even lead to some health problems such as depression. In addition, having just the right mix of light and color can help improve the overall home décor and turn your home into an appealing and inviting abode. This article provides a guide on how color and lighting can make your home the best place to be by impacting positively on the mood of your home.

You need the right amount of light in almost every room of your home. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely on the light fixtures and also ensure that the light is of the right brightness. Some examples of how to use light and color to set the mood of your home include:

Candle Lights

Add some candle lights in the bathroom to set the mood and help you distress in peace. Candle lights bring a serene environment where you can meditate and relax your mind from the daily hassles. In addition, you can choose various candle colors, which will further help in setting the right mood in your bathroom.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are a modern way of lighting your home that brings a touch of luxury and style. Ceiling lights help in making a statement about your home’s décor. For example, you can add kitchen ceiling lights to help you and your family have a great time in the kitchen preparing your favorite meals. In addition, ceiling lights come in a variety of types and colors. It is important to choose the right color for the purposes of eye health and setting the right mood in your home. For instance, in the kitchen, you require bright white light for proper vision and setting the right energy when preparing a meal.

The ceiling lights in your bedroom should have any other bulb color other than the blue one. This is because when you spend your day at work or on social media, you get to encounter blue light, which may affect your sleep patterns. Therefore, add some yellow or red lighting to your bedroom to set the right mood, which will allow you to get a good night’s rest.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps come in various designs and give out just enough light to light a room in your home. Bring an aesthetic appeal into your home by adding a floor lamp in your bedroom. Select a lamp that allows you to adjust the light to your preference. This will allow you to focus on whatever you are doing as well as maintain a proper sleep schedule.

Natural Light

Natural light is well known for its ability to set the right mood in your home while illuminating the beauty in your house. Install some large windows to allow natural light to grace your perfectly colored walls. This will, in turn, provide you with eye-catching views of your home décor as well as set the right mood for your home. Natural light can help in making a great statement, especially if you are hosting guests in your home.

Studies also support that natural light has numerous health benefits. Therefore, allow your home to have more access to natural light to make your home a beautiful and healthier place to stay.

Color and light can very much affect your productivity. The wrong choice of color in your home office walls and poor lighting can deter your performance and even lead to anxiety. Add a desk lamp to help you focus on your work while adding a touch of style to your home office. A desk lamp illuminates only the area you are working from and therefore leads to little to no distractions. Also, paint a color that you are comfortable with on your office walls. Bright colors may lead to distractions and, therefore, poor performance.

This goes for your home’s general walls as well. Paint a warm and soft color that brings a good mood to your home. Some colors, such as pale green, bring a serene environment that helps you relax, interact properly with family and friends and also improve the general décor of your house.


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