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It is quite normal that SEO marketers are focusing on ways to stay tuned with search algorithms that can help to improve organic search rankings. However, in pursuit of finding out new ways to improve rankings, all temptation of black hat techniques should be desisted. Instead, sticking to the basics can be much more remunerative. Doing the basics right is what can make you move up the ladder in search rankings in a more confident way.

The basic goal of digital marketers is to make compelling listings that would attract searchers easily by identifying unique parameters that can drive the rankings. Click through rate indicates the engagement level of viewers and though it is not a part of Google’s ranking algorithm, it can still impact rankings. Read on to know more about some other methods that can help to boost rankings.

Improve pages to increase engagement and click through rate (CTR)

Taking a cue from the above, it is important to ensure that all pages of websites elicit enough interest among viewers that can keep them engaged. In order to make it happen, identify the pages with low engagement by using Google Analytics to generate data about landing pages.  In the Analytics menu, navigate from Acquisition through Search Console and reach Landing Pages. The captured data can be transposed in an Excel sheet to identify pages that occupy low average position but have high impressions which is an indication of low CTR. The list would help to prioritize pages that need improvement to enhance CTR.

Improve and expand Meta tags

Page titles have a direct impact on CTR as any SEO Minneapolis will tell you.  Titles that include keywords of high priority are likely to improve CTR.  In May 2016, Google expanded the space allotted for title tags by 17 percent and this has increased the opportunity for digital marketers to achieve better click through rate by including keywords in the title that was not always possible earlier due to space constraint. By using tools that are available, you can download the list of current Meta tags and after modifications use a SERP preview tool to have a preview of how the modified and improved title would actually appear.

Create compelling Meta tags

Page titles should be as impacting as newspaper headlines. Despite being descriptive, it should be concise and interesting that evokes emotion. Titles should be intriguing but never confusing. Although titles should accommodate keywords, the priority should be to address what viewers intend and want. For ideal Title creation, use special characters with restraint and even hint about presentation or video that might be included in the content. Mention the date or time period in the title highlight its relevance with current times.

Use snippets to go up SERP a few more notches

Very important information that is highly relevant to viewers can be presented through snippets. Number of reviews, star rating, availability and price add a lot of value to search results. Providing cutting edge to search listings by using structured markup like snippets is a powerful tool in improving the position in search results.

About the author:  Derek Iwasiuk is a digital marketer who heads a firm for SEO Minneapolis. He loves to talk on the subject and uses every opportunity of sharing information about it. Blogging has been his passion and in order to keep touch with people he uses his Twitter handle @Diwasiuk.

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