How Can You Best Ingest CBD? Your Guide to CBD Oil Use: Vaping, Oral Dosage, and More


CBD is increasingly being seen as one of the best natural health supplements around, and for good reason. As a compound from the marijuana or cannabis plant, CBD is now being used by a lot of people who can’t help but proclaim the almost ‘magical’ properties of the supplement, whether it’s taken orally as a tincture, a vape liquid, a treat or an edible snack. While a lot of research still has to be done on the real benefits and effects of CBD, most everyone can agree that it’s worth looking into what it can really do. But if you’re wondering about how best to take CBD – whether orally, through vaping, and so on – here’s your guide to CBD use and which kind of use may work best for you.


The basics of the ingestion of CBD


If you would like to make sure that you optimize your CBD oil use, know that there are some great differences when it comes to the different ways of using CBD oil. You have to consider several factors as well, such as the onset (how soon you will experience its effects) as well as the dose (how much should you start with in regard to dosage?). But other factors which can have an impact include the distribution (which part of your body will be affected the most?) and the duration (how long will it last?). In essence, the dosage you require will most likely depend on the quality of the CBD product you are taking and why you are using it in the first place.


  • Vaping


If you inhale CBD through vaping, the onset can be in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes. When it comes to dosage, even just a small puff can work. For distribution (which parts of your body will be affected), your lungs will immediately be affected, and this is followed by the heart and the brain. It will then be distributed evenly throughout the rest of your body. The duration of such a method can last from about two to three hours.


You should also remember that when you inhale CBD through vaping, it will travel to the brain prior to becoming metabolized by your liver, as confirmed by one of the most reputable suppliers for those who want to buy CBD oil in Canada. And this, in turn, makes inhalation through vaping the fastest and most immediate method for the administration of CBD. Since it has a short onset and a short duration, vaping is most recommended for acute conditions such as chronic pain or nausea, and since the onset is almost immediate, you may be able to find your ideal dose in a shorter time compared to other methods.


  • Capsules or edibles


If you take CBD through edibles or capsules, it may begin to show its effects after about an hour or two. The dosage recommended for this is from about 5 milligrams to hundreds of mg. You will absorb the CBD through your digestive system, and this will be metabolized by your liver. The effect of the CBD may wane after around six hours, but other people have experienced effects which can last for up to 12 hours. If you have a chronic condition, edibles or capsules are highly suitable since their effects can last for more than a few hours.


  • Sublingual or under the tongue (oral)


The onset of the effects of CBD can take place within 15 minutes to one hour, and a common dose for beginners is around 2.5 to 5 mg of CBD. The CBD is absorbed by the bloodstream right away, and it will then distribute evenly through the body. The effects can last from approximately six to eight hours. Here’s a tip: if you spray CBD under your tongue, it’s best to wait for about a minute prior to swallowing it. It’s also best if you wait to eat after taking the CBD orally.


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