How Botox Can Make You Look Younger and Have Flawless Skin By: Dr. Adam Mauer, Cosmetic Dermatologist, NY Health & Wellness


Botox is almost essential in the management of minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine. It preserves skin and counters the effect of muscles that pull down too strong. It can be used to not only treat wrinkles in the forehead, but can also be skillfully injected to treat wrinkles in the neck, lower face and around the mouth. It has been researched and utilized since the 70’s, and has been shown to have an excellent safety record.

If you are looking to diminish the appearance of any lines or wrinkles and gain a flawless complexion, then Botox is for you! Here are its main benefits:

  • Non-Surgical Solution to Lines and Dynamic Wrinkles – You can experience a flawless complexion without any need for surgical enhancement.
  • Proven to Lift the Brow – Over time your brow may drop or lower. Botox can actually lift and shape the brow, and make you look less tired to give you a more youthful appearance. The shape of the brow is dependent on muscles, and Perfect Balance Botox allows for an optimized natural gull-wing shaped brow.
  • Effective Anti-Aging — Botox relaxes the facial muscles resulting in smoother skin and reduced wrinkles, which reduces tension from the skin. The skin gets to flourish in a tension free environment, thereby setting back the clock by years, or even decades!

So, here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your treatment. Taking these measures before, during, and after Botox will help you get better results and the most effective, natural looking Botox:

There’s no such thing as “Over Done” just Mis-done!
Age and certain lifestyle factors must be taken into consideration when determining which areas of the face that I can administer to my patients. When done perfectly, and in perfect balance, it is nearly impossible to tell that Botox was administered. The quantity, despite common assumptions, is pretty arbitrary. In my hands, it is very similar to a painting. If you are painting a red room white without enough paint, do not do it at all. Using enough product will ensure that it lasts longer, and it will actually look more complete when injected well.

Skip The Gym and Do Not Touch it
I advise my patients to skip the gym and not to exercise on the day after treatment. I do not want any product to move away from the injection site. Also, I don’t want patients putting their face in a massage cradle, or to place their heads down onto their arm, or even to touch it, if at all possible. If going to sleep soon after injection, I advise my patients to avoid sleeping face down on a pillow.

Avoid getting facials, microdermabrasion or laser treatments for 24 hours post injection
Don’t touch your skin where the Botox was injected. Avoid rubbing and massaging the treated area for 24 hours.

Avoid NSAIDS (Aspirin, Advil and Ibuprofen)
It’s best to avoid blood thinners before the treatment, if possible. These include medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil), and naproxen sodium (Aleve)—they all thin your blood and therefore increase the risk of bruising. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is OK.

Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol
Simply postpone your night out with friends until the following night or night after!

Eat well and stay active

If bruising does occur, proper nutrition and hydration is important for healing and proper recovery. Certain foods, including cabbage, spinach and kale—which all contain vitamin K—as well as pineapple and papaya, which contain the supplement bromelain, should be included in your diet pre and post-treatment to aid in your skin’s healing.

For more information about Perfect Balance Botox and any of Dr. Mauer’s specialized non-surgical facelift techniques – call 914-703-4811.

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