How Being a Couch Potato Can Hurt Your Relationships


The benefits of getting and staying in shape are quite obvious. In fact, nearly every weight loss and dietary program has been built around them. As humans, we need to stay active because it helps our bodies perform more optimally. There are also negative consequences associated with just sitting around doing nothing all day. But then, we know all that, and it doesn’t stop us from ignoring exercise.

Here’s something that might. It’s a reason to get off the couch and get in shape. The problem is that the concept of being a couch potato might be a little difficult to understand. Let’s instead look at it from the perspective of how being in great shape can help your relationships.

You’ll look more attractive.

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. When you’re in great shape, you’ll look much better. It’s as true for women as it is for men. Men who go to the gym frequently look trimmer and more attractive. Their muscles have more tone, and they look better in the clothes they wear. The same goes for women.

The first challenge with making friends and getting a lover is to get the other person to like you. When was the last time you decided to become friends with someone who made a terrible first impression on you? Never, right? Well, the same thing holds true here. Being in bad shape may actually be preventing you from meeting new people.

People who are in shape have better confidence.

Do you remember how good it feels to exercise? No matter how reluctant you are to begin your routine, exercising always feels good after you get the momentum going. That’s because it facilitates the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin in our brains. These contribute to the confident feeling we get.

The interesting thing is that this feeling of confidence doesn’t go away immediately after you exercise. It lingers for a long time to come and often spreads into other areas of your life as well. Either you’re meeting people in real life, or you’re trying an interracial dating site free, you can’t deny that you need confidence. Not paying attention to your physical activity could actually be costing you confidence points.

You lack energy and are depressing to hang out with.

One of the reasons why doctors recommend exercise is that it improves your energy. When you exercise, your heart rate increases, and blood flows to your muscles. In essence, you feel more alive. All that energy can be felt by the people around you. We all know how much we love hanging around people with energy.

They are always a great company with lots of exciting stories and ideas. People who lack energy, on the other hand, are a little depressing to hang out with. They never seem to have anything to talk about and are always unwilling to try new things.

Can you see how getting off the couch can help you improve your social circle? This obviously doesn’t mean you should throw the couch away altogether. It’s certainly good for some rest and relaxation from time to time. However, spending less time on the couch and more time on your feet can improve your overall physical and social health.

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