Hot Valentine’s Gift Sale on Top Amazon-Rated Activated Charcoal Mask: 89% clearer skin in 2 weeks

 Eclat Activated Charcoal Mask which eliminates blackheads and impurities in just two weeks!!!

This peel-off face mask with Kaolin, Bentonite Clay and Organic Activated Carbon reduces pores and acne, purifying the skin, and is the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day. With 3,866 Five-Star Amazon ratings, this 100% vegan mask, suitable for all skin types, saw 89% clearer skin in 2 weeks.


Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? This Eclat Activated Charcoal Mask can help you put on the radiant glow you need for this special day.  


Most charcoal face masks are activated with phosphoric acid, a harsh chemical with a sticky residue. This act-steam method combines bentonite, kaolin, Moroccan lava clay & montmorillonite, and uses purified water and organic bamboo to create ultra-porous charcoal that is gentle on the skin, yet effective at drawing out dirt and oil.


Éclat steers clear of the drying fragrances often used in other clay face masks. Instead, a trio of nourishing botanicals – snow lotus, dong quai ginseng, and ginger extract – is added to the face peel. These ingredients intensely moisturize, boosting collagen and improving skin texture.


Charcoal masks can often cause irritation when they pull impurities from the pores. However, Eclat Activated Charcoal Mask’s formula contains soothing aloe vera & cucumber to counteract any sensitivity. They both have anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm skin and reduce redness.