6 Ideas on How to spend February 14 and Fall in Love with Each Other Again

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is treated differently. Some couples do not even remember him, and some always prepare romantic surprises for their significant other. We want you not to forget about this day and please your beloved with something special.

Here are six simple ideas that will help refresh your relationship on Valentine’s Day.

1. Travel Day

If traveling is your common passion, then going on a trip is the best solution for Valentine’s Day. You can discuss the route with your partner in advance, but it will be much better to make a surprise. Secretly buy tickets, book a hotel, search for a car rental near me, quietly pack things for two, and come up with a legend that you urgently need something in some particular location. Agree with the car rental company that the vehicle you have chosen for hire will await you at the airport and surprise your lover from the moment of arrival with a trip in a luxury rented car.

Another idea: pick a good restaurant in advance in the city where you are going. The gala dinner should take place anyway.

2. Nostalgic day

To refresh old feelings, they need to be returned to your head and heart. Therefore, remember the first meeting, the first dates, the first kiss. Remember the restaurant where you went for the first time, visit the park where you first took each other by the hand, and climb the bridge where you kissed for the first time.

Another idea: on Valentine’s Day, lay a “time capsule”. Write a romantic letter about what you have now and what you would like to achieve together in the future. Agree on the time after which you will open this message.

3. Educational day

Try to learn something together. For example, the banalest option is to take a dance master class. You can attend a culinary or creative master class or a session with a wine expert. You can do anything – you just need to find something interesting for both.

Another idea: teach each other new things. For example, he is great at snowboarding, and she knows English perfectly. Isn’t it time to share your skills with the other half?

4. Relaxing day

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget how nice it is to relax in the arms of a loved one after a hard day. Arrange a day of complete relaxation on February 14 and sign up for a spa for two. Chocolate wrap, massage, champagne. Do you think that a man will not be interested in this? As if not so! Men also really like such procedures, but sometimes they are afraid to admit them.

Another idea: you can rent a room in a good hotel with a spa program. Go to the pool, get a massage, and then order a romantic dinner in the room.

5. Cinematic Day

We do not suggest that you watch your favorite movies about love at home all day (although this is also a good idea). Try to repeat the romantic dates that you saw in the movies. For example, get dressed warmly, go to a local river or lake and lie down on the ice. Just like in the delightful movie “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”.

Another idea: you can even arrange a photo shoot stylized as a famous movie.

6. Extreme day

Arrange an “extreme surprise” for each other: hot air balloon flight, parachute jump, snowmobile ride, scuba diving, paragliding, helicopter ride… The choice is yours. Do you know that endorphin (the “hormone of happiness”) is often produced along with adrenaline? You’ll see, your beloved will not be able to stand on his feet!

Another idea: prepare an interesting quest. Come up with tasks and a route for your significant other – for example, to go around all your memorable places. In each of them, there will be a small surprise and a new task.