Here’s “The Perfect Holiday Gift” for the Dog-Lovers in Your Life

PUP CULTURE: Stories, Tips, and the Importance of Adopting a Dog

By Victoria Lily Shaffer


“I learned so much from Victoria’s experiences with dogs. Her passion for rescuing is sure to transform any skeptic into a dog lover!”

—Jaimie Alexander, NBC’s Blindspot
and “Lady Sif “in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Victoria is doing some of the noblest work anyone can do on this planet. Like many others around the world, I can’t imagine life without our dogs, and Victoria’s dedication helps to uplift our beloved paw community. Bravo!”
—Jon Batiste, Award-winning musician & bandleader
for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“You can truly feel the puppy love through this book! Victoria has given her life to animal rescue, something I will always support.”
—Kaley Cuoco, HBO’s The Flight Attendant
and The Big Bang Theory

“I now use PUP CULTURE’s ‘Doggie Travel Tips’ as my own travel tips.”
—Bill Murray, Actor


Here’s “The Perfect Holiday Gift” for the Dog-Lovers in Your Life

With great love comes great responsibility—especially when you fall in love with a dog! And every pooch that’s new to a household brings new responsibilities—and, typically, new challenges, too.

In PUP CULTURE: Stories, Tips, and the Importance of Adopting a DogVictoria Lily Shaffer—dog-rescue expert and dog-fostering whisperer—presents handy tips and checklists, special recipes, craft ideas, and a heartwarming collection of personal stories about dogs that she has rescued, fostered and adopted. She also prepares you and your family for every step of the dog-adoption process in order to make your four-footed friend’s life the healthiest and happiest it can be.


Celebrities & The Dogs They Love. In PUP CULTURE you’ll also find out what some of Hollywood’s leading dog-lovers—including Daniel Levy (Schitt’s Creek), Glenn Close, Vanessa Williams, and other A-listers—have to say about the unmitigated joy their beloved pooches bring to their glamorous lives in the dog-eat-dog* world of entertainment. (*Could not resist…)

To start: How do you know which dog is right for you? Also, what do you need to know about the adoption process? And how do you make sure your new four-footed friend has the best life possible while it’s settling into its new (i.e., your) home? PUP CULTURE  is here to help. The book provides valuable tips on how to approach parenting a dog with fun, focus, and responsibility. Whether you’re traveling with your pooch, learning patiently to make the lifelong connection with a skittish dog that may have been abused, or simply introducing a new pooch into to your own “pack” of family and friends, there’s lots to learn and lots to take to heart. Curl up with your loved ones, including your four-legged friends, and enjoy PUP CULTURE, a book that celebrates the Dog Community and welcomes you in, metaphorically speaking, with a warm, wet nose and a loving embrace.

Here’s “The Perfect Holiday Gift” for the Dog-Lovers in Your Life

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She turned “pooch passion” into action. Although only 28, Victoria Shaffer already has turned her passion for pooches-in-need into action. She has set up Pup Culture Rescue , an all-female-led animal-rescue nonprofit dedicated to saving dogs and educating the community about the importance of adoption. Its 501 (c) (3) status is pending. To meet Victoria’s team, see here and scroll down.


To get you started on the road to Perfect Pet Parenthood, Victoria Shaffer suggests asking yourself these important questions: 

  • If you have other pets, how will they react to a new four-footed family member?
    • Is your current home suitable for the dog you want? That is, is your yard securely fenced? Do you have wall-to-wall carpeting that needs to be protected? Are all hazardous items put away / out of reach? Is there enough space for you and your dog to coexist comfortably?
    • How will you incorporate your new dog into your schedule?
  • Is everyone in the household on board with adding a dog to the family? Does anyone have allergies or an aversion to the mess and hair that comes along with having a dog?
  • What do you want to do with your dog? Do you want an active dog to go hiking or running with—or one to cuddle on the couch with?
  • Do you plan to travel with your dog? If not, who will care for your dog when you are away? If you do plan to travel with your dog, how big is too big to travel with?
    • If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, are you ready for the time commitment and patience you will need to train it?
  • Are you prepared to be financially responsible for your dog? Think about the cost of food, collars, leashes, toys and other supplies, routine veterinary care, and even health emergencies.
  • Are you committed to this dog if it grows bigger than expected, develops behavioral issues, or has unexpected health problems?

About the Author: Victoria Lily Shaffer is no stranger to show biz, having practically grown up on the set of The Late Show with David Letterman. She’s Vice President of Creative Development at Oso Studios, where she notably produced the Facebook Watch series, Extra Innings with Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray. Shaffer is the former host of Pet Life Radio’s Tails of the City, which streamed on iHeartRadio. She also has worked as a production assistant for the Tony Awards, the Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, HBO’s Divorce, and Netflix’s My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. A Los Angeles resident, Victoria has combined her love for the entertainment industry with passionate advocacy for animal rescue as well as creating content to inspire others to #AdoptDontShop. She served as an adoption and outreach coordinator for Mutt Scouts, a San Diego- and Los Angeles-based rescue organization, and dreams of creating her own chic leash and collar collection. Follow Victoria on Instagram @VictoriaLilyShaffer where you’ll meet the latest additions to her fabulous foster family (which regularly includes a number of totally adorable newborn puppies). PUP CULTURE is Victoria’s first book.