Helpful Tips to Know Before Traveling to Australia


I know how exciting it is to travel to Australia, with so many adventures and breathtaking views to take in. With so many beaches, wildlife, and amazing experiences, this country offers so many things you can see and do!

Because of this, it’s crucial to know what to expect before you travel to Australia so you have a smooth flight and vacation ahead. This will ensure that you are safe, free, and comfy throughout the trip!

Check out these things you should know (and follow) as you plan your trip to Australia.

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Australia

Australia is home to awesome beaches, delicious coffee, cute koalas, and a lot more! To ensure you have a seamless trip, here are the things you should know so you can consider it during your plans:

Visa Requirements

Besides a valid passport, you will also need to get a visa to travel to Australia. There are different kinds of visas available, so it’s important to select the right one based on your travel needs.

The most common one is the tourist visa, which takes only a few days. However, the paperwork can get confusing, so it may be best to get a Canberra’s migration agent to assist you in filing paperwork and collecting the necessary supporting documents.

Prepare for the Weather

The weather can be quite confusing in Australia if you don’t research well!

It would snow in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and occasionally in Queensland. But in The Top End, it’s quite hot and humid.

In Melbourne, they are known to have 4 seasons in an entire DAY. Expect hot and sunny, windy, rain and storms, and sun within 2 days some times of the month.

And if you plan to go during the summer, it is very hot and harsh at times, with temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius.

With all this in mind, prepare for the heat, sunburn, dehydration, and potential heatstroke! Wear sunscreen and reapply now and then, staying hydrated and under shade most days.

It’s a Large Country

Did you know that Australia is bigger than all European countries combined? It covers almost 3,000,000 square miles! The island-continent is humongous, with travelers underestimating the size of the 6th largest country in the world.

Because it’s a big country, you need to do your research, creating a detailed itinerary on what you want to see and do. You can find a ton of attractions inland and along the coast, so keep in mind where destinations and activities are located, synchronizing them according to the map to prevent wasting a lot of time in transit.

It’s best to give yourself a lot of time, with a month being the minimum stay if you want to really explore the whole of Australia.

Modes of Transportation

The moment you step off the plane, you may want to consider an airport transfer to your accommodation to get some rest. Afterward, you can start taking public transportation, with every state having its own public transport system.

For instance, Melbourne has trains, buses, and trams you can take after purchasing a Myki card. Sydney has buses, ferries, and trains you can use with an Opal card, while Brisbane has their Go card.

About Tipping

This may be very different compared to America! Tipping in Australia isn’t mandatory and usually done for exceptional service.

With most staff receiving a decent and livable minimum wage, Australians aren’t reliant on tips when supplementing their income. In fact, the minimum wage in this country is one of the highest worldwide!

If you believe that the service was fantastic and would like to leave a tip, that is no problem. You can leave it in tip jars or round up your bill when it’s time to pay. 10-15% is the standard, which will be much appreciated!

Quarantine Laws

Quarantine laws are very strict in Australia, especially amid the pandemic. You are not allowed to bring certain food, plants, and animal products, so understand the restrictions and rules on quarantining in each state of the country to prevent an expensive fine and trouble with the law.

When you receive an Incoming Passenger Card, fill it out honestly and declare all goods you have on you.

Your Budget

Australia is beautiful and awe-inspiring, but it can also be quite expensive when visiting. The average budget is between $100-200 USD a DAY, which already includes everything, such as the activities, accommodation, transportation, and food.

If that may be a bit expensive, there are ways to slash your budgets, such as cooking your own food using free public barbecues in parks or visiting farmer’s markets. You can find hostels or Airbnb’s as cheaper accommodation, too.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are an international or domestic traveler, you should do your research before heading to various parts of Australia. With the tips I mentioned above, you are much more ready and can begin to feel excitement for your well-deserved break.

I hope that this article on what to know before traveling to Australia helped you out. Incorporate this information into your travel plans and be sure to search more about what you can do when in this hot and fun country. Enjoy!

Do you have questions or want to share your tips and experiences when traveling to Australia? Share them in the comments section below, we would love to hear what you think!


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