Heartland Black + Gold Opens In Port Chester


Heartland Black + Gold, a new bar & eatery in Port Chester,
Designed by Peter Niemitz Design. This new restaurant features a sleek design with a bistro atmosphere and spacious outdoor dining.
As described by designer, Kim Nathanson, train travel has been romanticized in film, books and in our minds. When it comes to an eating establishment it is important for the environment to usher guests to a state of relaxation and comfort. The design intent for the light renovation at Black + Gold was to give guests a more intimate setting with a little bit of edge. Nathanson achieved this by changing finishes and furnishing and installing new artwork to create an eclectic exhibit of original photography along with prints of iconic figures. All these elements combine to create an environment that takes you out of the train station and into a “sexier” and alluring environment.
Arranged in three pricing categories, diners make selections from $7, $11 and $15 menu sections including dishes like Moroccan Turkey Meatballs, Mussels with Thai Coconut Curry, Kobe Beef Sliders and Jerk Spiced Shrimp Skewers. The cocktail, wine and beer menu is simply structured with all beer $7, wine $8 and cocktails $10.  All the Black + Gold beers, developed over 20 years, are brewed by Kelly Taylor, Heartland’s award-winning Brew Master.  Heartland’s exclusive craft beer offerings include a harvest favorite for fall, Smiling Pumpkin Ale, made with honey-roasted pumpkins and simmered with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. And for the cocktail lovers- The Black + Gold, a refreshing twist on summer made with fresh mint, orange and Rye Whiskey.
With over 350 seats, Heartland Black + Gold is able to accommodate a variety of special events including corporate holiday parties, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions, both large and small.