Had a Breakup? Here’s What You Can Do

 Falling in love is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, most of us will get our heartbroken at least once in our lifetime and have to deal with huge emotional pain. Even if it happens more than once, it never gets easier.

Losing someone who you thought is the love of your life can sometimes feel like the whole world has come to a stop and the sadness will never end. However, although at that moment everything can seem very gloomy, it’s important to remember that all storms pass. You can get over that person and life will be good again. Just don’t forget that.

If you’re at the eye of the emotional storm at the moment, these are some of the ways that can help you navigate that troubled waters more successfully.

Let It All Out

Many people, especially guys, will bottle-up their emotions in these situations as they want to seem weak. The truth is, it’s much healthier to let it all out. Cry, scream, yell, or simply put – express your emotions. Don’t be afraid of the negative feelings. If you let them fester inside of you, the whole process of getting over your ex will last longer.

Yes, it’s hard and painful but let yourself experience all those feelings. They will get less and less intense as time goes by. You might feel drained in the beginning but you will heal much faster.

Don’t Contact Them

The temptation is there. We get it. But don’t succumb to it. Eliminating all forms of contact is considered to rule number 1 when the break up happens. Have you ever heard the saying – “Out of sight, out of mind?

The best course of action is to completely cut off that person from your life. Keep your distance. Forget about the texts, emails, and phone calls. Block that person on all social media channels. Why? Simply, it will be easier to finish that chapter of your life.

Even if you think some things were left unsaid, don’t contact them. At least not while you’re still vulnerable. If you do, there is a chance you might end up in a screaming match and that will definitely not be helpful. Or you can get back together and more often than not, it’s a step in the wrong direction.

Don’t Seek Revenge

If you get hurt by someone you love, you might get the idea that the best thing to do is hurt them back just the same or even worse. Although these types of emotions are not surprising when you’re dealing with the pain of a broken heart, they can be extremely harmful to both you and your ex.

People have been doing all sorts of things in their quest for revenge as well as in their quest of getting the former lover back in their lives. If you’re wondering how to make your ex jealous just so you can make them hurt, then you two not being together was probably the right call. Those feelings are toxic and you should not act on them. Although jealousy can work in some cases, most of the time it will just produce more suffering.

Have Fun and Enjoy Life

After that initial hit of raw emotions is over, go out. Gather your friends and go have fun. Go to a nightclub and dance all night long. Go buy a dress you always wanted. Do something new, exciting, and something that will put a smile on your face.

Your friends and family can be very helpful during this time. After all, those are the people who care for you the most. Spending time with them will make you feel loved and appreciated. Find a new hobby, something you always wanted to try but you never did. Explore and re-learn to enjoy things on your own.

Finding Yourself

Very often when we enter a relationship a certain part of ourselves and our lives get put in the corner. We make compromises which is necessary so we can live with someone else. But know that you’re on your own again, it’s time to find that lost piece and revive it. Get to know yourself better. Introspection is a powerful tool and can help you immensely in finding a way into your new happy life.

Healing a broken heart is never an easy process. It will take time before you’re ready to go out and dive into a love pond again. However, these tips should help you with finding your joie de vivre again.