Got a Spare Room? 3 Ideas To Bring It to Life!



For those people lucky enough to have a home with a spare room, the question is: do you really make the most of it? The spare room is one of those things that demands to be used, but inevitably becomes a place that we severely neglect and ends up being a home for piles (and piles) of clutter. But a spare room can be so much more. What can you do that makes the space useful to the home, but is also a place that the entire household will gravitate towards?

Make a Guest Room

While this is one of the most obvious suggestions, this is crucial because a guest room or guest bedroom can be a place where you can allow yourself the opportunity to experiment. This can be a place that is different from the rest of the home. You can certainly turn it into a mishmash of styles and sensations. The great thing about having a spare room is that it can be almost anything. If you want it to be a place for quiet reflection, you need to set up a few pillows and a quiet corner. On the other hand, you can turn it into a space purely for watching TV. If you’ve got many people in the house arguing over the television, this is the best way to make sure there are fewer arguments. The great thing about a TV room is that you can make it more modern. For example, this modern TV stand with storage from Tylko can make your TV room look a bit more fashionable. But whatever you choose, a guest room is a great way to shake up the ambiance.

A Reading Room

If you need to spend more downtime in a private place without taking up the living room, a reading room is a perfect opportunity to unwind. A reading room can be very sparse and minimal or you can make it full of inspiration. This is where you can install a leather couch or armchair in the corner of the space that creates a reading room. The great thing about a reading room is it characterizes quietude. You can add to this feeling by decorating it with certain tones like greens and browns.

A Meditation Space

For the modern and mindful among you, a meditation space is something that can make a massive difference. If you are looking towards improving your wellness in your home environment, a meditation space can make a massive difference in how you feel. Decorating it is easy enough. Set up a quiet corner, and focus on appealing to all of your senses. Choose warming colors and provide scents that can help you to relax, for example, lavender or chamomile.

A spare room is a luxury that many people do not have and the great thing about a spare room is that it’s a blank canvas. It’s time to make the most of this underused space and turn it into anything and everything you want it to be.