What Your Glasses Might Be Saying About You



Show a group of pictures of individuals with and without glasses on and what do you think their feelings will be? A study conducted long ago by G.R. Thornton found that people who wear glasses score much higher in associated positive traits when judged by others. Those wearing glasses in the study were thought to be more trustworthy, industrious, intelligent, and dependable. If wearing glasses can say that much about you, imagine what the type of glasses frames you wear says. At Glasses2you it is easy to find the right glasses for your style and personality.


Basic, functional glasses say, “I’m not trying to say anything with my frames.” If you are wearing understated frames in neutral tones, you are probably responsible and neat. You would feel ridiculous in an oversize pair of frames or frames with a lot of glitz. You are more interested in solving worthwhile problems than picking out anything other than standard wire rims.

Black, Rectangular Plastic Frames

This frame says far more about the wearer than any other frame style. What it says about you really depends on you. Are you wearing skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a scarf with your glasses? If you said yes, you are a hipster. Do not pass go and head directly to Starbucks. If you are a woman with tousled, wavy hair, a white button-up shirt, and no-nonsense slacks or a pencil skirt, you are a sexy librarian. If you are a man with a 5 o’clock shadow, gray at your temples, and a well-fitting suit, you are Robert Downey Jr.

Outrageous Colors

If someone could describe your frames using the word “neon,” you missed your decade. You probably love ’80s-themed parties, “Flashdance,” “Dirty Dancing” and leg warmers. It doesn’t matter if it’s Madonna or Michael Jackson, if an ’80s tune comes on the radio, you party like it’s 1989.

Cat Eyes

Cat-eye frames say “I’m obsessed with ’50s fashion.” You probably wear pencil skirts, swing skirts, and saddle shoes, unless you prefer a heel. You may wear colored capris with a button-up shirt on occasion. Your favorite hairstyle is the beehive and no one is going to take away your headscarf collection. If you cook, you may even have a frilly apron that cinches at the waist, perfectly complementing your massive skirt and whatever smells so good in the oven.

Oversize Frames

Oversize frames used to be the signal in films and television that a character was a nerd. Steve Urkel was a prime example. Today, you might be trying too hard to exude nerd without actually being one if your glasses drop halfway down your cheek. A slightly large wayfarer frame can be very chic by comparison.

Partially or Totally Rimless Glasses

The general consensus about rimless glasses is that they are trying desperately not to be there. People who wear them may be in denial about wearing glasses or trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. These glasses do not make much of a statement and that is the point.