Getting a visa for your partner to live in the UK


Spouse Visa also referred to as a marriage visa is available to the spouse or partner of a UK national which enables them to immigrate to the UK for settlement with their partners. The person applying for a spouse visa must normally reside in the UK and has no immigration limits on the length of time they may stay in the UK. After 5 years, the UK Spouse Visa may progress to permanent stay to reside or residence in the UK.

Although the process is hectic, the total law firm frequently helps foreign national spouses in relocating to and settling in the United Kingdom with their British citizens or settled partners. The complexity of spousal visas varies from case to case. To get a visa for a spouse, it is always recommended to get your application reviewed by an experienced attorney.

Obtaining A UK Spousal Visa

To apply as a partner following requirements are necessary:

  • You are your partner are above the legal age of marriage which is 18 in the UK
  • Irish or British National
  • You’ve settled in the UK for an indefinite period
  • Must be planning to permanently locate in the UK after visa approval

You have to be able to demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • You’re in a legally recognized domestic marriage or matrimony in the UK
  • The relationship is a minimum of 2 years old
  • You are intending to enter into civil marriage within 6 months of your partner’s arrival

Also, provide evidence

  • have an excellent command of the English language
  • financially stable to support yourself and your dependent

Spouse Visa Requirement

Before applying for Spouse Visa, be certain that you satisfy all of the requirements:

  • You are legally wedded to them.
  • You have physically met your partner once before applying.
  • You can provide evidence that the marriage is not a deception to prove your marriage is valid
  • You satisfy the financial conditions.
  • You fulfil the lodging criteria.
  • Document Required for Spouse Visa

The spouse visa documents requirements are extensive so make sure you fulfil them all.

  • Evidence of genuine relationship
  • Legal Marriage document
  • Rental agreement, utility bills, taxation which confirms that you and your partner both lived in the same address
  • joint account
  • Evidence of income
  • Evidence of accommodation facility
  • English proficiency evidence
  • Diploma or degree
  • Fee for visa application

For the outside UK, it is 1523 euros. If it is processed within the UK, the cost would be 1033 euros. Other charges are for the English language test which is 150 euros, immigration health chargers are 1100 euros within the UK and 1200 euros if outside UK etc

  • Visa processing time

The processing time for a spouse visa varies from 1 month to 6 months depending upon the complications and circumstances. It includes gathering of information, submission and justifying of evidence.

  • Validity of Spouse Visa

Generally, the spouse visa initially lasts for about 33 months. If the application is being processed within the UK the lasting time will be 30 months.

  • Spouse Entry Clearance

Before coming to the UK, you must apply for security clearance to avoid any convince later on.

  • Visa extension

The spouse visa can be extended once it is expired. Following are the requirements:

  • You must apply within 28 days of the expiration period
  • You must justify the originality of your relationship with your spouse and that you both are willing to live with each other after the approval
  • There is valid accommodation proof
  • You must qualify with per annum status
  • You must prove evidence of financial stability
  • Relationship ends

During the time of stay, if somehow the relationship doesn’t last you must write to UKBA about the ongoing concern.


The process of applying for a spouse visa is long and hectic and needs to be supported by various evidence to ensure the transparency of the relation to staying in the UK. Provided that you meet all the requirements, the process itself should be very straightforward. However, it is always recommended to get your application reviewed by an experienced immigration lawyer prior to submitting it to ensure that you get an approval the first time around without any complications.