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Carol Beck is a Career and Interview Coach providing services for those applying to college, graduate school, an internship, entering, reentering or in the workforce.. She is an experienced Hiring Manager who has worked for Fortune 500 firms.  She has almost 20 years of experience in hiring and interviewing.  Carol has reviewed over 100,000 resumes and interviewed more than 20,000 candidates, including college, graduate school and internship candidates.  She is former attorney and recruiter who understands the importance of strong communication skills, advanced preparation and the art of “selling oneself” . Carol offers resume review and revision, job search strategies and interview coaching via FaceTime, Skype as well by telephone .  Contact Carol for a FREE 15 minute consultation on how she can best assist. or (917) 912 -6771.
1.   Who could benefit from a Career and Interview Coach? 
Anyone who is applying to college or graduate school, an internship, new job seekers, those reentering the workforce and job or career changers. 
2.  Why should someone hire a Career and Interview Coach?
For individuals who have never applied to a school or a job opening before, are applying for a new position, out of the workforce for awhile, the process may seem intimidating and overwhelming.   With my extensive experience, I can help those candidates best position and highlight their skills and experience on a resume.  Additionally, coaching will teach job seekers how to navigate the job search process and ensure they are leveraging their networks.  For all, Interview  coaching is essential to ensure you are standing out during this crucial meeting.  Most resumes are reviewed by those in a hiring capacity for maybe five seconds.  Based on my review of over 100,000 resumes throughout my career, I know what those in hiring look for and how a candidate can get noticed. Having interviewed nearly 20,000 candidates in my professional career, I believe interviewing is an art.  Many first Interviews last only 20 minutes.   Let us work on making it count!
3.  What is your background?
I am a former Limited Partner and Hiring Manager of Fortune 500 firms.   I am also an attorney.
4. What do you do?
I provide resume review and revision, develop job search strategies and interview coaching  to high school students applying to colleges, college and graduate school students applying for an internship or their first job and those reentering or already in the workforce.
 5.  Why is this important now?
Getting into colleges and graduates schools is very competitive.  It is not enough to have good grades.  For new job seekers or those seeking internships, employers are looking for uniqueness, someone who stands out over other applicants.  For those rejoining the workforce,  job or career changers, many have been out of the job search process for some time and need help in positioning  themselves  and tailoring their skills and experience to the new job or career. I want to help my clients stand out in a way that gives an advantage over other candidates. 
6.  Tell us a little about yourself.
I started my career as a lawyer wanting to help others.  I transitioned to recruiting with the same objective .  I was fortunate to work at Fortune 500 companies, helping them fine tune their hiring processes, criteria for employment  and interview questions.  While having  great success in the corporate world, I wanted to give back  to others and share with them what I know and learned.  Hence, I started my  own business, Advantage Career and Interview Coaching. . I have recruited, interviewed and hired many college, graduate students and job seekers in my career and I want to leverage that experience in helping clients achieve their goals as they move through their academic lives and their careers.
7.  What are the challenges for those applying to schools, internships or new job seekers?
It is so competitive out there.  Grades are not enough.  Most students have never prepared a resume or interviewed before.  I want to help give them the tools and confidence so as to have the advantage over other applicants.
8. What are the challenges for those reentering the workforce, job or career changers?
It is important to understand  that aside from other applicants vying for the same role, employers and recruiters are actively pursuing “passive” job seekers for openings.  These are people that have strong business reputations, but are not necessarily “actively ” searching for new positions or interviewing.   Many job seekers are unsure of how to network and communicate their skills and strengths, especially if they have been out of the workforce for a period of time or if they are searching for a different role.  I can more than help with that.
9.  What is ONE thing you tell all your clients?    
Prepare ! Understand where you are applying and why.  
10.  What do you do for fun?
I spend time with family and friends and my beloved dog Sammie.  Traveling,  photography, exploring the arts and New York City are other passions of mine.
Advantage Career and Interview Coaching
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