Get a Great Workout @TotalFusion in Harrison

spinning at total fusion

Spinning for 30 minutes you could do that. Weight lifting 30 minutes 30 you can do that! Yoga for 30 minutes  you can do that.

Come and experience for yourself why TotalFusion is a great workout! Opened less than a month, Total Fusion is offering 3 Free Classes  


Studies have shown that the benefits of an intense workout that focuses on a singular activity can often peak after 30 minutes, and switching to a different activity for the next 20-30 minutes (for example, cycle to weight training) will maximize results. Expect a great workout and a great time each time you workout That’s the philosophy behind of Total Fusion in Harrison.

TotalFusion uses the revolutionary Spivi system which tracks your performance data (heart rate, cadence and calories) in real-time and delivers an exciting workout experience. Your results will be emailed to you after your class so that you can track your performance and improvements over time. Participation on Spivi is optional.

Why Total Fusion…they combine many different exercise elements to create a more optimal workout.

The classes, created by their founders leading cardiologist, Dr. Dima Teitelman and anesthesiologist and pain management expert Dr. Allen Coopersmith, were designed with a specific goal in mind: to create a better workout that is fun and improves members’ physical and mental health.

There is plenty to choose from,,,You can’t go wrong.

exercise studio at total fusion


Something for everyone.

Conveniently  located in Harrison, NY with plenty of parking


Total Fusion

347 Halstead Avenue

Harrison, NY 10528

Phone: 914.315.1360




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