Frontline Doctors Give Back to Community Who Stepped into Help

I received this email from Sarah Friedland who is a pediatric resident at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. Sarah and her coresidents have been working on the frontlines from the beginning and know first hand of how badly the Covid-19 crisis has hit this nearby Bronx community.
And yet, it ha been this under served Bronx community who has supported her and her fellow coworkers when the doctors and nurses needed help
The community brought food and masks and gowns and most of all, words of encouragement that enabled the young doctors to keep going when times were at their darkest.
And now, as things begin to be under control and the staff can breath, these young doctors want to pay back the community that supported them!
Here’s the story of a go fund me page that made me cry


Hey fam and friends!

I am reaching out because I am involved in a community outreach program that was formed by my co-residents during this crazy COVID pandemic.
As many of you have probably been hearing, those who have been hit the hardest by this pandemic are those who are most disadvantaged, and the people of the Bronx have by no means been spared.
Being that the Bronx is the poorest borough in NYC, and one of the poorest in the entire country, our patients at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore have been hit extremely hard and in many different ways.
My co-residents and I have been overwhelmed by the abundance of outreach and support we’ve received over the past few weeks from not just all over the country, but from our own community members (who have so little to give to begin with). We’ve been fed till our bellies burst, we’ve been literally clothed, and we’ve been lifted with words of encouragement.
But as we start to climb down this mountain, we have taken a moment to look behind us at the path of destruction this pandemic has left. Our families have been devastated emotionally, physically, and financially.
Now that we’ve caught our breaths, we’ve decided its past time to start to return the favor to this community who has supported us from the beginning and never ever doubted us (even when we absolutely doubted ourselves!).
My residency program has started a go-fund-me to support non-profits in the Bronx who are stepping up to help those most in need during these extremely trying times.
If you could donate what you can and pass along this link to your friends/families/work/religious affiliation email chains we would deeply appreciate it.
The people of the Bronx were suffering long before the pandemic, yet they stood by us and held us up,  and now more than ever, they need us to return the favor! Any little bit helps!
Thank you.