From Purchase To Settling In, The Stress-Free House Move Formula

Buying a new house is a huge life event that, while exciting and liberating, can also be stressful. Fox News reported that over 45% of 1,000 Americans surveyed in a recent poll reported moving house as being the most stressful event so far in their life. The stress of moving home doesn’t just happen at the time of removal, either – it can have an impact from the very first foray into finding a loan.
Finding the right mortgage
Right now, mortgage rates are at a historic low. According to CNBC’s Make It, interest rates are hitting lows of 2.65%. This means that some people will be spending too much on their mortgage and others should be trying that bit harder to find the best deal – this can save you stress down the years Searching online for the best deals and making use of helpful online tools such as a home loan pre approval calculator can help you achieve this.
Planning your new home
When it comes to the actual process of moving house, planning ahead is key. Knowing the measurements and layout of each room is a great place to start, as you can then see what furniture and decor will fit – there are lots of online tools, like 3D scans and color matches, which allow you to create and plan your ideal living space. Making a list of the things you already have and the things that you will need is also a great way to be organized and avoid unnecessary over-spending.
The move itself 
The key to moving house with as little stress as possible is to have a clear plan; you want to be strategic in your planning and have an organized approach to the move. Having family and friends help with the move is a great start, but hiring professional movers is even better and can take a big weight off your shoulders. Professional movers can also bring that organized consultant edge to your packing affairs, according to Yahoo. Packing of large objects moves, eventually, into the essentials box filled with items that may be required on moving day, for example, phone chargers, documents, or keys – removing the stress of having to go digging.
Whether the first home or forever home, or something in-between, moving is stressful. Removing that stress will help you to perhaps even joy the moving process. The proof is in the planning and preparation.

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