Friends Set Tour and Other Cool Spots for Friends Fans to Visit


Are you trying to figure out some neat places to visit like the friends set tour? Read this article to learn about all the places you can go.


Friends fans all over America were upset when Netflix no longer had the series available. If you’re still sore over the no-more-Netflix situation, why not do the Friends set tour and see some other cool Friends locations?

We are going to share some awesome places you can go to if you’re a Friends lover. Continue reading this article for the best locations to visit for fans of Friends.

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Central Perk Cafe in Singapore

If you’re in Asia and you need some Friends in your life then head over to Central Perk Cafe in Singapore. This is the only Warner Brothers-licensed Friends themed cafe outside of the US.

There’s lots of fun to be had here and it’s easy to catch yourself looking around for Ross and Rachel.

Friends Set Tour

When you’re in Los Angeles, you can’t miss the tour of the actual Friends set. When you tour the WB set, you’ll get to see a lot of different sets which include Central Perk Cafe as well as the Gellar’s house.

Don’t expect to find the Friend’s apartment in Los Angeles because it is in New York City in the corner between Grove Street and Bedford Street in the West Village.

If you want to see how Hollywood magic happens then this is one of the best tours to take when you’re in Los Angeles. WB is one of the busiest studios in operation.

Visit Any Part of New York City

If you want to live like the cast of Friends then you have to visit as much of New York City as possible. You can’t miss out on Bloomingdales where Rachel worked and you must see the Empire State Building.

When you’re in New York City, you can pretend to be one of the Friends out on the town.

Head to FriendsFest

Yes, there is a festival that is dedicated to the show Friends. Every year, in the UK, there is a festival but the precise location changes from year to year, so make sure you check to see what’s happening and when.

As soon as the tickets are on sale, make sure you grab them because they will be gone quickly.

The festival is a lot of fun because there are sets for you to recreate the best moments from Friends. Pivot! Pivot! Who could forget that one, Ross?

If you love building up your photo book and memories then this is the perfect place to do it. Other Friends fans are more than happy to take your photos at the different sets.

Visiting the Friends Set Tour and Other Fun

Now you know where to do the Friends set tour and have some other fun ideas for activities. Now you can enjoy even more adventures and scratch the itch for Friends.

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