Flower Power: How Flowers Disrupted the Fashion Industry


It was not too long ago that floral designs were generally scorned throughout the world of fashion. During the 1990s and early 2000s, dresses blouses featuring floral prints tended to be seen as frumpy and outdated. As we all know, however, nothing is permanent when it comes to what is hot and what is not. It was only a matter of time before the natural beauty of flowers made its way back into the minds of fashion designers. Read on for a list of ways in which the flowers have made a comeback in the fashion industry.

Casual Wear

The vibrant floral designs that were so popular in the designs of dresses and blouses during the 60s and 70s have recently come full circle. A wave of nostalgia for times past has led to a massive boom in bold colors and flowery motifs that lend a timeless sense of glamour to an outfit. Women this spring and summer are going crazy for the retro floral prints which grab the attention and make a big statement. And it is not just womenswear that has seen an explosion of flower-inspired designs; floral shirts have become a big fashion statement in the Men’s section as well!

Wedding Dresses

Current trends in wedding dresses have also been affected by the recent resurgence in the popularity of floral designs. Gone are the days when it was considered distasteful to walk down the aisle wearing anything other than a sleek white or cream dress. More and more people are mixing things up and opting for vivid, optimistic floral designs to look the part on their special day. When you combine your outfit with some luxurious flowers, the effect is always going to be simply stunning and will turn more than a few heads.


The last few years have seen a massive upturn in the popularity of handbags whose designs are inspired by flowers. As a result, some of the biggest names in fashion have started to incorporate floral designs into their top-of-the-range handbag collections too. As the summer comes nearer, look out for gorgeous models toting high-end flower-inspired handbags of all shapes and sizes as they waltz down the catwalk full of style and panache.


Look carefully at what the younger generations are wearing on their feet at the moment and are bound to notice a plethora of floral prints of all style adorning their footwear. From sneakers to heels to flats, floral designs are all the rage at the moment and give off a summery vibe that is perfect for long evenings lounging in the park with friends or quaffing wine at a trendy local winebar.


One area of fashion where the influence of flowers is most keenly felt is in the eyewear market. Women especially are investing in quality glasses that feature elegant designs based on roses and daisies that really bring out their features, adding a sense of light to their faces. If head out to the trendiest hipster areas in New York, Paris and London this summer, you are bound to catch a glimpse of people sporting some of the latest trends in glasses to add the finishing touches to their look.

The ever-changing world of fashion is hard to keep up with at the best of times. One thing that is definitely “in” at the moment is clothing and accessories which are inspired by some of nature’s most beautiful creations: flowers. If you want to keep up with the latest fashions, try adding some floral designs to your outfits this summer. If you happen to be based in Australia, there is flower delivery Sydney florists can arrange for you in a jiffy.

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