Gardens, waterfalls, movie theatres, markets, dance floors, casinos, museums and libraries are among the amenities

offered by these airports

What’s more, if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours at arrival, refund.me could help you claim up to €600 in compensation



If you are going to endure the usual headaches caused by long delays or last-minute flight cancellations, you would be lucky to be able to enjoy it.refund.me, the online platform specialized in handling claims in the airline sector and other transportation modes, has selected the top airports where to suffer flight delays, cancellations, missed connections and overbookings.

Relax in nature at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is an airport where a passenger should hope to get lost. Butterfly gardens, nature trails, orchid gardens and koi ponds are some of the attractions that make Singapore’s international airport the best in the world, according to the World Airports Awards. Its soothing natural setting is one of the qualities which helped it be recognized by the Airports Council International as one of the best airports in the Asia-Pacific region.

Other amenities include a swimming pool, free-of-charge movie theatres for passengers in transit, complimentary guided tours of Singapore for passengers with layovers longer than five hours, electric foot massagers, a clinic, an extensive shopping area and an array of restaurants.

Moreover, for passengers who cannot take advantage of these services, Changi also offers internet in most areas, a business centre and even a hotel for those who need a more quiet environment in which to work or rest.




Culture and leisure in Amsterdam Airport

The Passenger Terminal Expo recently recognised Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the best in Europe. In addition to its various shops, restaurants and cafes, Schiphol also provides passengers several areas where to unwind and pass time.

Amsterdam’s culture is also on display in Schiphol, where the Rijksmuseum gives passengers a chance to take in some art by famous Dutch painters and the library at Holland Boulevard gives readers a space to sit back and enjoy a good book. For those looking for more excitement, there is always Holland Casino. Moreover, Schiphol has a modern spa where passengers can enjoy a massage and decompress just a few steps away from their boarding gate, or they can choose to go for a stroll at the all-natural Airport Park. In addition, Business Point is a service offered to business passengers which helps them find their driver, and Meet & Assist is also made available to guide and assist passengers in the airport.


From Christmas market to beer garden in Munich Airport

Navidad aeropuerto Munich

Munich Airport has been named Best Airport in Europe and the Third Best Airport in the World in the World Airports Awards.

It boasts the largest covered surface in Europe, where it hosts its emblematic Christmas market and its famous beer garden in the summer. In addition, its medical centre is open 24/7 and offers medical, pharmaceutical and dental services. Its work centre can make the traveler feel right in the office, while the rest of the airport also offers a number of cafes, restaurants, shops, VIP rooms, play areas, banks and 40 travel agencies and tour operators.



Ibiza Airport, electronic beats all the way to the boarding gate


The island of Ibiza is one of the top leisure destinations in the world. Although it offers a wide range of attractions, the island has become especially associated with having the most famous night clubs in Europe and has become a top destination for the young and not-so-young from across the world. With this in mind, the airport opened the F*** Me I’m Famous Lounge Club in 2012; this lounge belongs to one of the most famous couples in the world of electronic music, Cathy and David Guetta. For those passengers who wish to take advantage of the island’s charm until the last minute, the lounge club offers views of the Ses Salines Natural Park.



Zurich-Kloten, Europe’s most eco-friendly airport

Zurich Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, located some six miles from Zurich, has received a number of awards over the years. It is well communicated, both terrestrially to Bern and Zurich and aerially, which earned it the Business Traveller Award for Best European Transfer Airport in 2011. In addition, the airport received the Eco-Innovation Award in recognition of its ecological use of resources, awarded by the Airports Council International Europe.





About refund.me

refund.me is an international service provider that helps passengers enforce their claims to compensation for flight delays, cancellations and missed connections quickly and easily. Thanks to its specially developed, high-precision Advanced Business Logic System (ABL) system, claims can be submitted through the website or the free mobile app. refund.me can quickly enforce claims of up to €600 according to EU Regulation 261/2004.

This start-up created in August 2012 has made it its mission to make passenger rights worldwide transparent and attainable. Under its current services, refund.me also helps bus, ship and rail passengers file and enforce their claims under the relevant EU regulations (EU 181/11, EU 1177/10, EU 1371/07), and in the future will provide service for mishandled luggage according to the principles of the Montreal Convention. With regard to air travel, passenger rights have been enforced for hundreds of customers in 36 countries from 5 continents and 112 airlines. The corporate headquarters of refund.me are located in Potsdam.

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