Fit Meals for LIFE that Really Deliver

You know why it so hard to lose weight?  The reason is simple you have to eat.  

Sounds simple but it’s not. 

Eating involves shopping and meal prepping!!! That’s right Meal Prepping!!!!

Then, there is the deciding.  Choosing what to eat, how much to eat and the right foods to eat.

That all depends on what your trying to accomplish! Which diet of the month club your on, or do you just want to eat healthier?  Then the burning question… should I do…

Keto, Paleo, Breakthrough M2, HCG, FFactor! 



Melissa Goodman Meltser and Fit Meals for LIFE to the rescue. 

Tell Melissa what you would like to accomplish and she will deliver..

It’s really that easy.

You will lose all that unwanted weight, if you let Melissa make it easy for you.  

She use all organic, Non Gmo foods. 

Melissa started this business from her own journey with diet failures and realized what works and what a client needs after loosing the weight, collectively she has lost the equivalent of a large Boxer adult dog. 

The client needs an exit strategy!!! At Fit Meals For LIFE we not only prep healthy delicious meals, meals for various diet plans but we develop an exit strategy for success! We have a list of board certified coaches and trainers on board to make sure those pounds stay where they belong.. off your body! 

She delivers to  Westchester, CT, Rockland, Riverdale, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island! Summer months will include the Hamptons as well.

Say goodbye to bars and shakes.   Let Fit Meals for LIFE cook for you. 


Taking the Pain Out of Prepping! 
Melissa Meltser, Founder
Fit Meals For LIFE