‘First Opinion’ app — a mobile app that lets you save thousands in medical copay costs each year.

text a dr for free
Question:  Why is it so easy to spend money on ‘wasted doctor visits’ — office visits where either the doctor is suggesting a wait-and-see approach or is only answering basic health questions?

Wouldn’t it be easier to ask your doctor questions about illness and injury, headaches and anxiety, pregnancy, nutrition, or child development simply by sending and receiving text messages?

Why spend for a copay when you don’t have to?

Enter ‘First Opinion’ [www.firstopinionapp.com] — a new mobile app that matches each user with a personal doctor (who also happens to be a mom) to answer your individual questions 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

With backing from some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors, the app has some remarkable features:

Users can avoid any copay by initially going to First Opinion with questions about their symptoms.  All users receive a free consulting session with their doctor once a month. (Additional consults cost just $12 for three sessions.)

It takes an average of 9 minutes for your First Opinion doctor to respond to your question (instead of 20 to 75 minutes in a doctor’s waiting room).

First Opinion’s signup process asks only for a first name and email address.