5 Reasons How Washing Gym Clothes Is Costing Money


Daily work outs can put a toll on the body and the laundry basket. Gym clothes are never easy to clean from the sweat and body odor released during a work out. Over washing to remove smells leads to fading exercise gear, and losing money.

EcoWasher Laundry System turns regular cold water into a powerful non toxic cleaning agent. This device is a no germ, odor free laundry system where consumers can save money each, no detergent needed.


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 5 Reasons How Washing Gym Clothes Is Costing Money

1. Washing exercise clothes as well as daily clothes doubles washing and drying costs.
2. Both time and money are wasted running errands to the store to buy detergent and fabric softener, as this can increase your annual grocery bill by $328.
3. Stopping clothes from fading and preserving bright colors will eliminate the need for buying new gym clothes. Keeping the money for new clothes in your pockets.
4. Using hot water to keep those socks and shirts white adds cost to your heating bill about $221 a year.
5. Rewashing clothes over again to remove the smells and allergens soaked up during outdoor exercises and gym classes. 
Reducing the above costs and having fresh-smelling gym clothes is a win, win. The EcoWasher non-toxic cleaning technology eliminates detergent, hot water, and reduces the amount of drying time; saving families over $700 a year.


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