Finding Your Place In Nature Without Artifice



When considering how to better enjoy our time in nature, it can sometimes feel like we’re putting artificial decisions in place. Perhaps we wish to walk in the park but have a very set route and a very set time for this exposure. Maybe we walk our dog, but do so before work, and so always feel hurried. Of course, these activities are fantastic and are in no means flawed. But sometimes it can feel that getting our ‘nature exposure’ as we might go for exercise or eat a particular set of calories in a diet can feel too artificial. Sometimes, we just want to feel free and explore the natural environment with no stressors. This can help the beauty of the natural world work on you and may serve as a beautiful backdrop for other activities.


With the following advice, in this post, we’ll recommend three wonderful activities that keep you engaged, and keep you safe while helping you remain comfortable and healthy in a natural environment. This can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Without further ado, let’s get started:




Fishing is of course one of the most relaxing and patience-building hobbies you can involve yourself in. It’s all the better that fishing can bring you to some wonderful spots in nature, obviously beside a river or lake. Looking over the body of water and relaxing there, slowly watching the hours tick by, using your tailored tackle equipment to potentially catch some dinner you can then bring home and roast should be considered a fantastic use of your time. Sometimes, we need a hobby like this to help us spend hours in nature without stressors bringing us down.




Sports can also aid us in finding nature more appealing, and spending more time outside. From joining the local rowing club to even spending your evenings playing tennis at your local outdoor gym to using the local village pitch to play rugby, the more you can find yourself outside and active, the better. Even running through your local trail can be much healthier than running on a treadmill, and the dynamic geography of the land you tread will be better for your joints in the long term.


Long Hikes


Long hikes are also wonderful in that they bring us to nature, help us conquer it (perhaps via hiking up a large hill), while also enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hikers find themselves expressing their stress through every step, and as they reach the summit or the tail end of their journey, they will be much more likely to feel better, almost infinitely so, than they did at the beginning. Long hikes are also physical manifestations of how we feel inside. A walk might feel sluggish, but then in the end, we might feel a sense of satisfaction. This is rewarded with a tangible consideration, such as a beautiful view or simply exploring more of your surroundings. Never think small efforts like this are insignificant, they can mean everything for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.


With this advice, we hope you can continue to find your place in nature without artifice. You deserve it.

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