Finding Peace Through Coaching During Challenging Times

There is a gentleman in my neighborhood that I see on my walks around the block who always greets me with a big smile. His name is John Baitsell Jr. and he owns a horse farm on Succabone Road in Bedford Corners. On the gate to his farm it says, “Love is Spoken Here”. I’ve known over the years, that John coach’s mediation and spirituality. John is also a recovery coach that works with people with substance use disorder.

I saw John this week and we talked about the current conditions and how confronting this is for people. He mentioned that he’s been inspired by all the mental health care professionals who’ve come to New York to support us during this crisis.

John let me know that moving forward he’ll be offering his coaching services at no cost. He is a compassionate, empathetic and intuitive person that is looking to do his part to support people in their healing.

You can sign up for an appointment or learn more about John’s work HERE. You can also follow John on his Instagram and Facebook pages, where he posts inspirational messages.


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