How You Can Find the One Online Without Driving Yourself Crazy

You’ve dated online.

You’ve had highly inappropriate men write you highly inappropriate emails.

You’ve had great email/phone chemistry that turned out to fizzle in person.

You’ve had exciting, charming, impressive men disappear without a trace.

After all that turmoil, you decided that you were better off without online dating – without the liars and the losers and the players and the flakes.

And here you are right now.

Your love life is not where you want it to be.

You have no promising prospects on the horizon.

You literally have no idea when your next date is going to be.

In other words, you want to find love, but you’re waiting for it to find you.

That’s not how things work. You know that. I know that.

But still, you can’t stand online dating. Why can’t you just meet your soulmate in the supermarket? Or meet a cute guy through a friend of a friend?



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