Find Local Restaurants That Share Your Values

Greenease is an online database and app, which enables users to search for nearby eateries that buy from local, sustainable sources


Greenease is a resource that connects consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocers that buy from local and/or sustainable farms. The mobile app is currently live on iOS and Android in Washington DC and New York City.

FREE-RANGE The free-range/pasture- raised symbol means that animals roamed free in their life. To qualify for this category businesses must buy from at least one farm that adheres to free-range and/or pasture-raised standards.

GLUTEN-FREE The business has gluten-free options available–either on the menu or upon request. Consumers should inquire when they arrive as to which menu options qualify as gluten-free.

GRASS-FED The grass-fed symbol means that the cattle are fed only mother’s milk and forage (grass and other greens) in their life. Greenease assigns this to businesses who truly buy from at least one farm that adheres to lifetime-long grass-fed principles.

DRUG-FREE  Drug-free means that the business is sourcing from at least one farm that does not give their animals antibiotics or growth hormones. This may apply to both meats and dairy generated from that farm. Consumers should inquire which menu items apply.

LOCAL  Our definition of local is both local – either 100 miles or within the same state – and/or regional – under 500 miles. Consumers should not interpret this to mean that the foods’ nutritional value, production methods, or farms’ practices are sustainable. This is merely an indicator of the geographic location of the food source.

ORGANIC This is a government certification for farms following the USDA’s organic program. A business will be tagged as “Organic” if they purchase from at least one certified organic farm. The consumer has the responsibility to ask the restaurant exactly what on the menu came from that certified organic farm.

SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD The business works with reputable fish farms or purveyors that ensure their seafood items are sustainably raised and sourced. For this category, the businesses may also adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

VEG-FRIENDLY Businesses have vegetarian-friendly (no meat or seafood) options on the menu, or available upon request.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY  Businesses have vegan-friendly (no meat, dairy, honey or other animal product) options on the menu, or available upon request.