Festival planning

Music events are some of the funniest events to take part in during the summer. What better way to spend the summer than travelling around your home country to different concerts and festivals. Especially if you can’t take too much time off from your job or you don’t have enough money for a more exotic holiday. This allows you to be a little more creative with your festivals and put in some extra work to stand out with your outfits and your planning.

Music events are more fun if they are spread over a few days, so you can conserve your energy and take part in all the other events taking part at a festival. Festivals are not solely based on music now but contain other forms of entertainment which include the audience more and add greater value to your experience there.

There are a few things you must consider when attending a music festival to ensure you enjoy it, to its fullest extent and get value for your money. I’ve compiled a list of some things I consider to be invaluable for my experience.

 What to pack:

 This is probably one of the most essential parts of planning for most people, what to bring. You don’t want to much or to little. I try to keep it comfortable and simple, most definitely a tent, sleeping bag, fanny pack and some old clothes that I can alter and play around with. This ensures I can enjoy myself and not have to worry about losing valuable and other items while I’m having a good time and I can also have a good night’s sleep. Ensure you have old clothes though so you don’t mind them getting dirty or being altered for different occasions..

The schedule:

As I already said, music festivals have morphed into huge events with many different activities going on throughout the day and night. It’s important to do a little research and ensure that the schedule has plenty of things to keep you occupied and entertained throughout the day. Perhaps you can take part in some things that you haven’t tried before, or attend some different genres of music that you wouldn’t normally go and see. Festivals are important for the experience so the more you can do the better. You can find events for everyone’s interest, including children or the elderly. Everyone can join in, in the fun.

The group:

Who you choose to go with is another key aspect of festival attendance. You want to go with friends who are on the same wave length as you, so that you can all explore and entertain each other throughout the long days and nights. Think of it as a crash course in finding out what really makes your friends tic, and do you really share all the same interests that you thought you did. Having a good festival crew is vital.

Hopefully my suggestions will help you plan an execute the perfect festival get away and you can enjoy it to the utmost.

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