FAQs about Laser Hair Growth Devices

Several factors like age, hormones, stress, drug reactions, etc., cause hair loss. Thankfully, through technological advancement, numerous solutions have emerged to solve this problem. People dealing with alopecia or some type of hair loss now have hope of recovering their lost hair.

The laser hair growth device is one of such solutions for this issue. Confused about what this entails? This article will answer your questions in detail about how this device works, its safety for you, and side effects if any.

Common Questions About Laser Hair Growth Devices

Laser technology for hair growth is more common today than it was in the last decade. These are the frequently asked questions about this hair growth device.

What Are Laser Hair Growth Devices?

Laser hair growth devices, like the FDA-cleared Kiierr laser cap, are devices that have been designed to help stimulate hair growth. They promote oxygen, blood circulation, and scalp stimulation, which encourages hair follicles to grow. Laser hair growth devices could be laser helmets, laser caps, laser combs, or laser bands. They can be used at home or salons, making them very convenient.

How Does A Laser Hair Growth Device Work?

Laser therapy involves delivering low-level laser light to your scalp through the device. Some have compared laser hair treatment to watering plants. In that, just as plants absorb the nutrients and water, the light energy from the laser hair growth devices gets absorbed by your hair follicles so that they can grow. Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) increases blood and oxygen circulation in the scalp, helping in the hair regrowth process. LLLT is also known to make aging cells more active to strengthen them for hair growth. So, if your hair loss results from age, laser hair growth devices might be the best solution for you.

What Is LLLT?

LLLT is the acronym for Low-Level Light Therapy. It requires using lasers or light therapy at a specific energy threshold and a particular wavelength. When the light energy used in LLLT gets absorbed into your scalp cells, they become invigorated for hair production.

Do Laser Hair Growth Devices Hurt?

No. You can be sure that laser hair growth devices do not hurt. LLLT is clinically proven to be safe and effective for human use. Some people refer to the low-level laser light used in laser hair growth devices as “cool” or “cold” lasers. That means it does not emit heat, burn, or injure your scalp. Using laser hair growth devices is painless and non-invasive.

How Long Before You Start Noticing Changes With Laser Hair Growth Devices?

The amount of time it takes until you start noticing changes in your hair depends on the brand and type of laser hair growth device you use. While you see changes in three months with some devices, others could take longer. It also depends immensely on how your scalp reacts to the treatment. However, to notice a significant difference, you might have to wait for six to twelve months.

Are There Side Effects To Using Laser Hair Growth Devices?

No. There have not been any known side effects that come with using laser hair growth devices. However, if you purchase a laser hair growth device of inferior quality, you might experience some adverse effects. Some of these effects include headaches, itching, and a burning sensation. Make sure the device you choose is FDA-cleared and clinically proven for safe and effective hair growth results.

Do Laser Hair Growth Devices Really Work?

This will depend on the quality of the device you purchase. For example, some FDA-cleared devices have a 93% success rate! The device stimulates hair regrowth, reduces the further loss of hair, increases hair strength, and improves hair density.

Are Laser Hair Growth Devices Expensive?

Well, just a little. Although these devices are a little costly, you cannot compare them to more invasive hair regrowth methods like hair transplants. The brand of laser hair growth device could be a determining factor for the price of the device. Also, when you think about the effectiveness of the laser hair growth devices, you would realize the purchase is worth every penny. Especially since it is a one time purchase that you can use for several years to follow.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Laser Hair Growth Device?

Since there are several types of laser hair growth devices out there, you need to consider some things before purchasing. First, you have to decide if you want to use a laser helmet, cap, or comb. Then, you have to consider your budget and the price of the device. Then, determine how many laser diodes you want the cap to contain. Keep in mind that the more laser diodes a cap contains, the more effective results will be in a shorter amount of time.


We have answered a good number of frequently asked questions regarding laser hair growth devices. Laser therapy is one of the most effective hair regrowth methods, and with several brands of laser hair growth devices out there, we recognize your need to get a quality one.


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