Factors That Affect The Results of The IVF Treatment



When you are planning to undergo an IVF treatment, many factors can affect the outcome of the medical assessment. Some can be modified while others cannot. The reasons that can be modified includes:

  • The lifestyle of the couple that hinders the pregnancy
  • Overweight, specifically in the female partner
  • Quitting the consumption of drugs, smoke and alcohol
  • Controlling of hormonal changes with the medical management

If you select the Best Surgeon For IVF Treatment, they can guide you for the changes that can help you with conceiving. However, not all the conditions resulting in the sterility are modifiable. Well, that does not mean that IVF will not provide you with the result of the treatment. You will and can get the results of the treatment IVF. Although the time and procedure for the results may vary.

Some of The Common Factors That Effect The Outcome of The IVF Treatment:

The factors affecting the results of the IVF treatment include the following.

  • Age of The Patient:

When the age of the patient is below 35 years, one can conceive easily within the average number of cycles. However, if the age of the patient is more than that, especially above 40 years, then the condition of the patient is more complicated, and it may require a higher number of treatment cycles. In the rarest cases, there are chances that the IVF procedure fails.

  • Quality of Sperms:

For fertilization, the quality and the quantity (i.e. the sperm count) must be within the adaptable limits. If the count of the sperms and the speed of the sperms is low, then it is not possible to fertilize the egg. In such a case, you go for natural reproduction or the IVF process; there might be complications in conceiving. The doctor tries to help the patient with the IVF, but it is not always helpful. Most of the times, such conditions require assistance from the donor. Sperms are taken from the donor.

  • Quality of Eggs:

A woman is born with a predefined number of eggs. Every month the discharge of the egg in the menstrual cycle will reduce the count of the eggs, and so if you are trying to conceive at a very late stage, then you might have to suffer in terms of the results. In such a case, the doctor seeks help from the donor. The donor eggs are then fertilised with the sperms, and the result of the treatment can be attained.

Final Words:

The Total Cost of IVF Treatment is in the range of USD 4,000 to 6,000. However, the cost might increase if the condition of the patient is critical; the age and the factors are not supportive of the treatment; the price might increase. However, the price remains the lowest, compared to other countries. Although the success of the procedure is very high. Over 95% of the cases visiting India for the treatment are successful. The failure is in the rare instances in which the body of the female is not supportive for carrying the baby in her womb.


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