Everything You Need to Know About Nerve Pain and How to Address It


Different body conditions cause nerve pain. You might be suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, Shingles, HIV, or any other underlying condition. It is a frustrating and devastating condition which anyone fears to go through. When you have underlying diseases like HIV and Cancer, this situation can cause misery and render you lifeless. Let’s check some facts about it

Nerve Pain Causes

Nerve pain is caused by different conditions which damage or make your nervous system not to function correctly. You can be getting grief reactions to your brain, which comes from nowhere, giving you so much pain that you can’t control. According to studies, some of the causes of nerve pain include:

  • HIV: About a third of people suffering from HIV experience nerve pain. One of the first signs of having this nerve pain is swollen hands and legs, and it’s regarded as one of the symptoms of HIV infection. Medication such as antiretroviral drugs also damages the nerve system, causing pain.
  • Cancer: According to research and experts, the disease causes nerve pain. The reason is that as these cancer tumors grow, they press or expand on the nerves. Chemotherapy may also damage nerves.
  • Diabetes: especially in the US, diabetes is one of the significant causes of Nerve pain. High blood sugar levels injure the nerve system.
  • Physical injuries: having physical injuries may cause nerve pain if cuts and bruises are in contact with the nerves.
  • Shingles: anybody who has suffered chickenpox might develop shingles which then create severe and sudden nerve pains

Other causes include; stroke, heart disease, stress, alcoholism, inflammatory, and other infections to the nerves. Sometimes, nerve pain can develop on its own without underlying conditions.

Nerve Pain Symptoms

Nerve pain symptoms vary from one person to another, depending on various body factors. Apart from pain, you might feel some tingling, numbness, loss of reflexes, and pricking. Since it is mostly worse with underlying conditions, the strike of nerve pain is more difficult for aging people to bear. If you feel you are suffering from nerve pain, health professionals from this website recommend a visit to a healthcare professional with immediate effect. The doctor will have to carry tests to determine if you are suffering from nerve pain and the best medication to take.

Nerve Pain Treatment

Treating nerve pain depends on the underlying condition. When cancer, HIV, or diabetes causes it, you need to handle all types of underlying disorders first. However, treatment of these conditions might not treat the nerve pain but will help relieve the pain. Factors that depend on the treatment of nerve pain include; costs, underlying conditions, and the costs involved. Medical professionals always use the same procedures in treating nerve pains. Some of these treatments include:

  • Anticonvulsants: Used together with antidepressants, these drugs help to reduce the nerve pain. However, they do not work with all types of nerve pains.
  • Topical Treatments include doctor’s prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines such as lotions, gels, creams, and patches. They help to reduce the pain and are essential in treating nerve pains in particular areas of the skin.
  • Anti-depressants: these help a lot to reduce nerve pains. However, they do not treat the pains caused by cancer or HIV conditions. Only useful in dealing with diabetic nerve pains.
  • Painkillers: these can be the best choice to relieve recurring pain for a short time. However, you will require a recommendation from your doctor for the best pain reliever to use as over the counter ones are not as effective for this condition.
  • Electric stimulation: electric impulses can be used to block messages by nerves to the brain. Some of these can be done regularly, while others are a bit complex and may require surgery.
  • Alternative treatments: some alternative treatments like massage and acupuncture may be used to relieve nerve pain. Also, there are diet supplements that can help heal the pain.
  • Lifestyle: you can change your lifestyle and habits to relieve pain and help you be comfortable. Such lifestyle changes include exercises, healthy diets, and quitting social habits like smoking and drinking.

Other techniques you can use to heal nerve pains include; injections and surgery, which might be expensive. Next time when you aren’t sure of what’s causing pain, refer to this article for tips. Nerve pain can cause your life to be miserable and lonely. You might feel or worsen the condition if you don’t take steps fast in treating and relieving the pain. Always take any pain seriously and never assume it.


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