Do Car Accidents Need To Be Serious To Claim For?


Car accident claims are a regular way of life. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you feel that you have a claim. As long as the accident took place in the past three years, you can contact an expert when it comes to road traffic accidents to find out about your potential for claiming. It doesn’t have to have been a life changing injury before the victim can contact a solicitor and find out more about gaining compensation. 


What Sorts Of Injuries Can Come From A Car Accident?

A car accident can result in a large number of different injuries. It depends on the speed that the vehicle (or vehicles) were going, as well as the road conditions and other details too. But a car accident lawyer will know what the most common types of injury are. They will have an idea of the amount of compensation owed as well, but this will also vary from case to case. This is why you need car accident lawyers who provide focused legal representation. If you need advice, speaking to car accident solicitors is the best idea. 


Head and back injuries are amongst some of the most common when it comes to road traffic accidents. These can be anything from minor to very serious indeed – some back and head injuries can even be fatal. The same is true for neck injuries, which are also very common. This is because the head and surrounding areas are the least protected parts of the body in a crash. Heads will easily – and often – strike against windows, for example, even when the victim is securely strapped in. Crushing injuries are also common. This can occur when the car or other type of vehicle hits something at speed. The vehicle itself is crushed, and that can mean the person inside it will also be crushed. Crushing injuries can result in broken bones, particular in the legs and arms, but also in the pelvic region. Car accident claims will take all of these injuries – and more – into consideration. 


What Is Whiplash And What Does It Mean?

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained after a car accident (as many as three quarters of all car accident victims suffer from it), and many personal injury claims are started because of it. Whiplash claims can certainly be part of a compensation claim.  Whiplash occurs when your neck moves forward and then backwards – or sideways – quickly and with force. This can damage the ligaments and tendons in the neck. It commonly occurs in car accidents since the impact is sudden and forceful. The symptoms of whiplash sometimes take up to 24 hours to manifest, and as the days after the accident go on, the pain and movement issues can increase. Those issues include stiffness, tenderness, headaches, and severely impaired movement in the neck. 


Whiplash isn’t restricted to just car accidents; slips, trips and falls, sports injuries, and blows to the head can all result in whiplash, but traffic accident claims are the most prevalent place to find whiplash injuries cited. Symptoms of whiplash include the problems mentioned above as well as shoulder and back pain (particularly in the lower back), arm pain, blurred vision, concentration issues, dizziness, ringing in the ears, irritability, fatigue, and problems sleeping. Due to these symptoms, whiplash can often mean that the victim will have to take a lot of time off work.

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