Delightful Matcha Drinks You Can Easily Make at Home



Matcha, a lush green powder that comes from Japan, is a healthy and tasty type of green tea that is taking the world by storm. Matcha is made from finely ground green tea leaves, and it is considered by many to be a super healthy version of regular green tea. Matcha is super packed with antioxidants, good caffeine, and amino acid l-theanine and so it can help you stay both energized and healthy. There are various ways we can enjoy matcha from matcha cakes to matcha ice cream. Aside from food, matcha drinks are also widely popular among tea lovers across the globe. Many stores and coffee shops are now offering a variety of matcha inspired drinks.

If you are a matcha lover, there is good news for you. Matcha drinks are super easy to make at home and are healthier and tastier than store-bought drinks.

Here is our guide to 5 delightful matcha drinks you can easily make at home.

Matcha Latte

This drink is surprisingly delicious and easy-to-make at home. There are numerous ways you can customize and add creative flavor to make it comparable to Starbucks matcha but the first thing to do is to source a quality matcha powder. The secret to all great matcha recipes is the powder so always do your homework. After that, you can add any of your favorite flavorings to your latte, from honey to vanilla bean sugar. The final touch of the drink can be with matcha powder or cocoa powder for a delightful aftertaste.

The amazing thing about matcha lattes is that they can replace your morning coffee In contrast to the caffeine in coffee, the caffeine present in matcha is the type of caffeine that doesn’t result in a caffeine rush and crash. Try out this drink at home and enjoy the sweet and delightful buzz of energy that comes from matcha without any of the anxiety or jitters.

Matcha Ice-Blended

This drink is perfect for satisfying your craving for treats in the afternoon time or after dinner. Matcha ice-blended is rich in nutrients and packed with a light amount of caffeine, which is a healthier option compared to traditional coffee ice-blended drinks. Matcha ice-blended drinks are both refreshing and rich so they are a wonderful choice for hot days. With at-home ice-blended drinks, you have the option to go healthy and light on the sugar and cream.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is highly packed with antioxidants, caffeine, and an amino acid called L-Theanine. With that combination, matcha drinks are the ultimate drink to help you stay focused by providing a sustainable source of energy. In a regular cup of coffee, there is usually between 85 to 144mg of caffeine whilst matcha has between 30 and 70mg. However, whilst coffee drinks tend to give us a crash after a few hours of focused energy, matcha drinks can provide a healthy dose of caffeine in a more sustainable way. If you are looking for a quick and simple drink that is super healthy and light in sugar or milk, matcha green tea is the drink for you.

Matcha Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble milk tea is one of the world’s most popular drinks and it comes in different flavors from chocolate to taro to strawberry. Even though store-bought bubble milk teas are not exactly low in sugar and calories, home-made bubble milk tea can be. Matcha is the perfect flavor to add to your bubble milk tea to create a refreshing drink that has a new healthy twist on the traditional Taiwanese beverage.

Matcha with Lemonade

Matcha lemonade is a creative drink that is both healthy and refreshing and is perfect for a hot summer day. Not only that but making matcha lemonade yourself is super simple. Lemonade drinks give you a boost of vitamin C whilst matcha powder can fuel you with a light dose of caffeine. If you want to add more creative touches and flavors to your matcha lemonade drink, a hint of mint is highly suggested.


No matter what kind of beverage you enjoy, there is surely a matcha drink for you. Matcha based beverages are healthy and can boost your energy and concentration levels. There are so many super delicious matcha drinks that you can easily make right at home using matcha powder. When it comes to matcha drinks, it is important that you know the difference between low quality and high-quality matcha powder. Remember to select only the best powder with a light green color to ensure the best taste for your home-made matcha recipes. Making drinks at home is not only fun, but it will also save you a lot of money and time in the long run as well.


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