Oh Deer!

deerI woke up around 4:30am because I thought there was a deer in my bedroom.  I know this sounds crazy and improbable but I was sure there was a deer .  My bedroom is on the ground floor and the window was opened .  Granted the room was dark, but nonetheless I thought there was a deer.  I woke up my husband, something I rarely do.  I stick to the motto let sleeping dogs and husbands lie.  But, I was anxious, so I said “Ed. I think there is a deer in the bedroom”.  Now whats really crazy is that he saw it too.

I have been married for 23 years but we don’t exactly have the same dreams and nightmares.

So we quickly scurried out of the bedroom to call the police.  I called the Bedford police and said “Hi, I know this sounds absurd but I think there is a deer in my bedroom”  They quickly dispatched 2 squad car to help remove the deer.  ,

I was sure my son Alexander  must have left the door opened.  He is home form college on Winter break.  But all the doors were closed.  I kept asking myself how did a deer ever get into my bedroom.  Granted I have had birds fly in and an occasional stray dog but a deer.


The cops came ready to extract the deer from the premises.  With flashlights in hand they checked every nook and cranny.  Needless to say there was no deer. But I swear it was there.