David Wygant’s Ten Ways to Get a Man to Approach You

get him to approach you
10. When at a bar, scrunch up a napkin, dip it into your glass of water and throw it at his head and smile at him. Trust me, this works.


9. When at a bar, pass him a note on a napkin like you used to do when you were in grammar school. Say something funny and clever on it like, “Hey, can you bring that bowl of peanuts over to this table over here? We’re hungry.” And get the waiter to bring that note over there.


8. When in a supermarket pushing your cart, head directly towards his cart and ram him, and then look at him with a smile and say, “I hope you have insurance.”


7. When at a coffee shop, look at him, smile, hold your hand out and let it shake and say, “I better get this caffeine or I’m going to lose my mind today.” (Remember, do it with a smile so he doesn’t think you’re crazy.)


6. When in a restaurant and you’re sitting near him at a table, walk over to him and ask him for a bite of his food. Do it once again with a smile.


5. When in line at the supermarket and you’re behind him, take a look at the food that he has on the conveyor belt, look at him and say, “You got enough to share with me tonight?” That’s being really bold. Try it and see what happens.


4. When in the elevator in your office building and the guy standing next to is a guy you’ve always wanted to talk to, look at him and tell him that you’re telepathic and you know exactly what he’s thinking next. Elevators are strangely awkward and it’s a good thing to break the ice with a joke.


3. When you see a guy that you’re most attracted to, just smile and say, “Hello.” It doesn’t matter where you are. Everyone says hello back. (Everyone worth talking to.)


2. Drop the iPhone or the Blackberry or any other electronic device, be more aware of your surroundings, and make eye contact with the men you find attractive. (And I’m not talking about that quick 3-millisecond eye contact that I see women do, I’m talking about real, lasting, earth-shifting eye contact.)


1. My favorite way to start a conversation with a man and to attract a man in your life is stop waiting for men to approach you and to start using everything in your toolbox – from number 2 to number 10 – and realize that this is your life and you have to take responsibility for it.


The reason why they’re not approaching you is because you won’t make yourself available to be approached. You think you might be, but you’re not – otherwise, they would have approached you by now.

So go get ‘em ladies! And if you want to know The Art Of Attracting Men: The Inside Truth To The Way A Man’s Mind Works click here.

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