Daddy Daughter Cooking!

The scene – mom is out for the day and left dad to watch their daughter.  What to do?  Read abook. No. Play monopoly.  Maybe for a while.  What can we do?  Cook?  Mom may not like that one.

Finding fun and interactive activities for daddies and their daughters might not be as hard as you think.  Yonanas elite machine puts the fun in kitchen cooking, or not cooking.  Creating unique fun treats will keep daughter busy especially when it includes ice cream.

This healthy frozen desert maker instantly converts frozen fruits into soft-serve textured treats without any added sugar, diary or artificial ingredients. Each Yonanas maker comes with a booklet featuring hundreds of delicious recipes – most of which require 1 – 3 ingredients.

Making these delicious treats is as simple as thawing the frozen fruit, sending it through the shoot, and watching it swirl in your bowl!  Mommies will love it. Daughters will absolutely adore daddies. Daddies will be  a hero and maybe even plant the seeds for the next celebrity chef.

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