Customer retention methods for the saas software



A client who has already had business with you and is satisfied is more likely to return and advise you friends. It’s easy to explain: the human brain is designed so that to solve the problem it will prefer the familiar option of wasting resources looking for a new one.


In addition, customer loyalty is a significant competitive advantage. An Apple fan is unlikely to think about buying a Samsung smartphone with identical functionality, even if the price is much lower.


Provide great service.

The quality of service determines what emotions will remain with the client after working with you. It is no less important than a good product! Friendly managers and support staff, willingness to understand any problematic situation and caring for the client will help you to feel that he is important to you. Agree, in this case, the client is unlikely to want to go to competitors.


Resolve customer issues as soon as possible.

Some customers are not immediately ready to make a purchase decision with your saas software. The faster you answer them, the more likely the customer will make a purchase. Perhaps customers will have difficulties in working with your product, and they also need to be addressed as quickly as possible.


If the answer has to wait a long time, the client will take a deep breath and leave for a more responsive competitor. The operational work of the support service will save you customers; you can organize its work using online chat.


Develop a success team and accounting.

A satisfied client is unlikely to go to a competitor – prepare people who will take care of the happiness of the client. The Success team specialist sincerely loves the client, helps him successfully work with the product and feel its value, solves technical problems, explains difficult moments. The account manager teaches the client all the necessary subtleties of working with the product, conducts demonstrations and makes sure that everything is in order for the client.


Enter omnichannel.

Communicate with the client through channels convenient for him, it can be social networks, instant messengers and more. Of course, if some urgent question arises and there are no alternatives, the client will open an uncomfortable email or call the contact number. If he can contact you while staying on your favorite Twitter or Telegram, this will be a huge plus and a good reason to work with you further.


Invite customers to participate in the life of the company.

From time to time, carry out a touch, to resolve important issues, first of all, ask what the client thinks about this. Perhaps something does not suit him in the product or there are ideas that can be improved. Do it conveniently and unobtrusively – ask the most specific questions with answer options, offer a discount or a gift for passing the questionnaire.


If the client is satisfied, invite him to leave a positive review or share the experience of using the product – this can be arranged in the form of a case on your website. Successful examples of working with your service will help increase the loyalty of current customers and strengthen your credibility in the eyes of new ones.


Create content (newsletter, webinars, training materials).

Create high-quality content and help the user understand what opportunities your product offers. You know this best of all – tell us how a client can solve his problems with the help of webinars, online courses, books, training articles and other materials. It is very important that the client feels the maximum benefit from your product. In addition, the client will treat you as an expert in this field, become more loyal and will contact you if he has problems.


Become more unique.

Do not forget to constantly work on what distinguishes you from your competitors and makes you unique. The higher your value to the customer, the longer he will stay with you. For example: You can charge your customers based on pay as per usage model for SaaS based services like QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting Solutions and Azure WVD available at cheapest Azure WVD pricing


Analyze customer journey.

See what path the user goes from going to the site to making a purchase. This will help to understand user behavior and see at what stage users leave and why. Take a look at our articles on the customer journey map and the stages of the sales funnel, it will be useful.


Personalize the offers.

Pay attention to collecting information about the client and tracking his actions on the site – this will help you make personal recommendations that are interesting to specific users. Contact the customer by name, remind him of the viewed products and unfinished orders – this will help return him to the site and increase sales.


Try to increase the average bill in order to increase profits: offer customers to buy a more expensive product model or choose the best tariff (upsale), add related products (cross-sale) to the order.


For example, the LitRes bookstore offers to buy a book of interest complete with the entire series or with what other customers are interested in:

Use discounts and promotions.


The opportunity to buy goods a little cheaper or receive a gift for an order is a good reason to return for a client. Delight the customer with special offers, discounts and promotions. The best deals are those that are limited in time: discounts on the goods of the day, on a certain category of goods or sales in honor of a certain date.


Design a loyalty program.

Give customers a reason to come back again and again: offer special offers to members of the loyalty program, exclusive access to useful materials and events, additional discounts. Accumulative programs also work well, since it is more profitable for the client to use your offer with an increased discount or partially pay off the accumulated bonuses.


Make free offers.

Be generous: allow the customer to use your product for free (that is, for free) during periodic free offers or offer a gift when ordering for a certain amount. The client will appreciate this and are more likely to decide on a purchase. For example, the Simple Wine online store offers a bottle of Bordeaux as a gift when ordering five bottles of wine.


Use referral programs.

Encourage customers to tell friends and acquaintances about you. Offer them a discount, gift or bonuses for each person brought. For example, Uber offers to earn bonuses for each client attracted by the promotional code and pay them for trips.


Give branded souvenirs.

A great way to increase loyalty and attract the attention of new customers is to present a souvenir that will delight the eye and remind you of your company. For example, Carrot quest sends a couple of company stickers along with accounting documents to its customers – they are cool, attract attention and look great on laptops.


For any retention tool to work, it’s important to keep in mind two main principles of customer retention:

Customer focus – work for your client, try to predict his desires and prevent his problems.

Regularity – remind yourself constantly so that the client does not prefer more active competitors.

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