Cosmolle: The Activewear Brand Will Make You More Stylish


We believe that every time we buy new activewear, no matter the reason, we can wait to hit the gym to show how amazing our activewear is and how good it makes us look. Raise a hand if you bought some activewear and couldn’t wait to wear it and work out… we know we are guilty of it. One of the brands that totally achieve this is Cosmolle.

All about Cosmolle

As an eco-fashion brand Cosmolle will offer you sustainable and performance-driven activewear pieces. These pieces are long-lasting and also very durable as they are made with high-quality fabrics and materials. Being sustainable is what moves them as a brand but also being inclusive and supporting body positivity.

They initially focused on offering us the most comfortable underwear and bras. Until their focus changed to activewear sets, while still offering intimates, and their range grew from a few pieces to a big one. All of their ranges are thought thinking on your utmost comfort in mind.


They also love giving back to their community and supporting their workers, as well as believing in fair trade. And most importantly they want to empower people with their high-quality, comfortable, and sustainable fashion while helping the environment in the process. They also believe that fashion should always be stylish but also affordable and accessible for everyone.

The technology

Cosmolle uses 3D printing technology to create their pieces. They use their 3D printers to glue the inner and outer fabrics, using printing graphics that have been carefully designed and the desired thickness. Thanks to the use of 3D printing glue, their products are extremely breathable, as they create spaces between the fabric, that will let the skin breathe and prevent any rashes.

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This is actually a very sustainable way of manufacturing as it produces minimal waste and is energy efficient. To give you ultimate comfort, they replace traditional seams and stitching. The adhesive allows the fabric to stretch without deformations and in general it has an airy structure that provides maximum breathability.


Cosmolle has noticed how much manufacturing and in general fast fashion are damaging the environment, and that also the world is getting more environmentally conscious too. For example, cotton consumes a lot of fresh water and energy, while polyester creates a lot of harmful emissions from the oils used.

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They use the biomimetic fiber called collagen polyamide yar, as one of their textiles of choice. They have a permanent and unique coating of collagen. To create it, they buy recycled fish scales from farming fisheries. Then these scales go through exclusive processing, which includes intense rounds of purification and chemistry to transform them into collagen polyamide yarn.

Then they go through production when the collagen-infused yarn is weaved into their luxurious buttery soft fabric and then 3D printed to be more energy efficient and get smother lines in their products.

Pieces you should get

Their activewear range is big and has many different pieces that will cater to different styles and body shapes. You can find sets, an activewear bodysuit, high-waisted leggings and shorts, different sports bras, tank tops, and long and short-sleeve tops. There are also many different stylish tops that will make you look amazing while you work out, or if you simply wear them on the streets, it doesn’t matter.

They also come in many different colors that are not only classic but also bold and very trendy. You would be able to mix and match them as you wish according to your needs and personal style too. You won’t regret buying them and for sure you’ll want to wear them to work out as soon as they are delivered to your door.

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