Complete Bedroom Set as Easy as Pie


Are you finally tired of looking at that nightstand that doesn’t match anything in the bedroom? If you just relocated to a new home, you may not want to clutter it up with your old furniture. Are you recent empty-nesters who are turning the extra bedroom into a comfortable guest room? Whatever your reason for designing or restyling the bedroom, it’s important to check a few things off the list before shopping.

First, who is going to use the bedroom? If the answer is you, then it’s important that the furniture chosen reflects your style and practically serves your life. For instance, maybe you want a king-sized bed, but a queen bed will allow you to fit a desk or vanity in the room comfortably.

Are you sharing the room? If so, two nightstands would be better than one. You may need extra space to hang clothes or store blankets and want to make room for an armoire. Or all you need is a bench with storage for additional bedding.

If the room is for a child, décor and function are equally important. Let’s say your little one loves sea vessels but is afraid of the dark. Then a bed shaped like a boat with headboard storage for a small night-light is the answer. Decorating the room with other sea-themed decals and wall art is the icing on the cake. The child would be more inclined to stay in their bed and have a good night’s rest if they love their room.

If the kids share the room, bunk or trundle beds will keep floor space available for arts and crafts. Or a small table set can sit in the space. You can create a room that encourages creativity while providing comfort.

A guest room has different needs to consider. Will couples be staying over more often than single friends? If so, a queen-sized bed would be more appropriate than two twin beds. Are your guests staying for brief or extended periods? The time frame would determine the amount of storage needed in the room.

If the room has ample closet space, then forgo the dresser for a TV stand. When the closet space is limited, the tall dresser has enough room for those staying more than a few days. Or, if your guests like to spend time preparing their look, then a dresser-mirror combination would be the best choice.

Nightstands also have their functions to fill. How much surface space do you need? What are you keeping on the nightstand? Should the design be open or a closed one with drawers? If you charge your mobile devices at night, then you want a nightstand with USB charging.

Let’s not forget the accessories that add your flair to the room. Do you enjoy a rustic rural look, or do you prefer an elegant French design? Do you prefer neutral or bold colors? Should you go with all wood, or choose something with leather in the design?

No matter what you decide, 1Stop Bedrooms shows details online and has just the set for you. Their designers will help you find pieces to match your style and function needs. The designers don’t work on commission, so the customer service process stays pure and their only motivation to help is your satisfaction.

You can adjust the search options to find the right size, style, color, and other features, or use the search bar to find specific pieces. So, take advantage of the low-cost guarantee, free shipping, and up to thirty-six months of financing. You’re sure to find the set to fit your needs.


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