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circa black


Created for the dreamers, game changers and future entrepreneurs, circa black introduces the first ever METAL pre-paid MasterCard, designed by Alejandro Alcocer. Going beyond the concept of just a new metal card, circa black is about creating a limitless lifestyle.

Full card member advantages include special VIP access to events, a chance to rub elbows with celebrities, early concert offers and custom partnered brand discounts. Circa black also uses My Cash App which gives you your full financial dashboard on your smartphone. Talk about instant gratification.  This prepaid card is 100% FDIC insured, can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted and offers an unprecedented load limit of $20,000. Circa black equals the new boss status (without the debt)!


There is nothing better than a woman who is in the driver seat of her own life and circa black is paving the way for women to dream big and be smart about their financial choices. After all, your credit is the one thing that stays with you forever.


MasterCard® announces the launch of the first ever metal black prepaid card, circa black. The new card is the first of its kind offering a sleek design and unique rewards program. Designed with the millennial Generation in mind, and going beyond the concept of just a new metal card, circa black is about creating a lifestyle with limitless success. Ideal for users looking to gain independence, take control of their finances or safely fund jet setting travel, circa blacks vision is to reshape the traditional banking structure and provide users the maximum impact for their money.


Partnering with parent company, theCard LLC, led by Chairman and CEO Jimmy Gould (one of the first investors and Directors of Build-A-Bear Workshops), the company remains committed to empowering millennials by providing the most progressive, modern financial options. “We’ve done the work to understand millennials and how they manage their money and have built a prepaid program based on this knowledge,” said James Gould, Chairman and CEO, thecard LLC. “This first of its kind metal design relays luxury and lifestyle with smarts.” With circa black, overspending and bounced checks are a thing of the past as users can only spend what theyve loaded onto their card.  Allowing users to load an unprecedented amount of up to $20,000 on their card, circa black can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.


While providing innovative personal banking, circa black links cardholders to an extensive network of merchant rewards and point of sale discounts nationwide. Financial freedom, stability, awareness and accountability are a few key points that circa black can promise users in addition to being 100% FDIC insured.  Forget hidden fees and extra yearly expenses.  circa black has a one-time personalization fee of $19.95 and a monthly club fee of $5.95. Other usage fees are designed to be under industry standards. 


The circa black 3 & EASY Referral Incentive Program is available to cardholders who want to cover their monthly clubfee by referring 3 friends who buy cards and keep their cards active every month.


Circa black club members can track, manage and live the life they desire with circa blacks My Cash App. As one of the first to integrate social media and banking, circa black club members will receive special access to VIP events, custom partnered brand discounts, and early access to concerts, festivals and more.


Created for millenials, the card is poised to alter the lifestyle of the new generation. Leveraging the power of community, anything is possible. There is no telling what circa black members will tackle, what causes they will promote and how they will change the world. Find your passion, with circa black now you have what it takes.