Christophe von Hohenberg The White Album of the Hamptons

Cavalier Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Christophe von Hohenberg: The White Album of the Hamptons” a feature exhibition on view from March 11th-17th at our location at 292 South County Rd in Palm Beach, Fl.
“The White Album of the Hamptons” is an exhibition of recent work by internationally acclaimed photographer Christophe von Hohenberg, including previously unseen images. The series of work is a stunning ode to the Hamptons, New York, coinciding with the 2021 publication of his book The White Album of the Hamptons.
In this series, von Hohenberg masterfully captures moments in time on the shores of Long Island. The images are both playful and poetic, dominated by a spectrum of grey tones and over-exposed sources of light. The anonymity and far-off nature of figures and objects render these images both mysterious and meditative.
“These images are by turns soothing and haunting, and yet somehow familiar. Von Hohenberg has discovered a perspective that was in front of us all along, which we couldn’t quite isolate until he presented it to us,” says author Jay McInerney. “Von Hohenberg joins the ranks of generations artists like William Merritt Chase and Eric Fischl who have been attracted to the landscape and the marine-inflected light.”
“These images are about healing,” say von Hohenberg, “Following footprints on the shoreline, picking up seashells with the wind and water kissing my face centers my soul. These beaches serve as a cleansing tonic to my mind, making me feel refreshed and whole and temporarily washing away my anxieties.”
While Von Hohenberg has been widely recognized for his fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photography, “The White Album of the Hamptons” demonstrates his mastery no matter the subject.
“The White Album of the Hamptons” will run from March 11th through 17th and works by von Hohenberg will remain on view throughout our galleries following the show.