Cherish Your Curves: Why Real Women Should Ignore These Nine Fashion Rules



curvy-girl-skinny-jeansThere are a lot of fashion rules out there for curvy women, but all rules should be broken at least some of the time. This is especially true with fashion because breaking the rules can be the path to a fabulous look that is yours alone. Let’s discuss nine of these rules along with the why and how behind successfully breaking them.


First, don’t wear fitted clothes


Every curvy woman has heard this rule before, and it is simply wrong. Contrary to popular opinion, you can wear fitted clothes. Sure, baggy clothing might help hide some of your lumps and bulges, but in the end it just makes you look even bigger. The important thing to remember when buying fitted clothes is to find the right fit and details that will compliment your shape. You can create the illusion of a waist using a princess seam, and ruched fabric does an amazing job of defining while hiding less flattering areas.


Second, do not wear maxi dresses


Bah! Maxi dresses with V-neck halter tops can be incredibly flattering on ladies who have shapely busts. For curvy women of all types, a maxi dress with an empire waist creates the illusion of a trimmer figure, and the flowing length of these dresses will elongate your entire body. Try a chiffon maxi dress because fabrics that float away from your body look especially lovely on a fuller woman.


Third, curvy women should not wear pencil skirts


Who came up with this rule anyhow? Pencil skirts might as well be tailor made for curvy women! The mistake that curvy women make with pencil skirts is picking one that is too tight. Your pencil skirt should gently hug your waist, hip, butt, and thighs but should not look like a shrink wrapped cocoon. If you are a woman with very wide hips and a small waist, you may need to get a pencil skirt altered for it to fit you properly, but it is completely worth the investment.


Fourth, black is slimming


You should wear it constantly and be utterly boring. This rule is correct, but wearing black every single day can get downright depressing. Besides, it’s not as if black is the only colour that looks appealing on curvy ladies. Thankfully, colour blocking has become immensely popular, and you can either buy yourself a bright colour blocked outfit, or you can do your own colour blocking with solid brights from your closet.


Fifth, never, ever wear white


Why does this rule exist? White is a lovely colour, and curvy women should wear it. Let’s modify this rule and instead tell you to avoid white pants because these are hard for almost any woman to pull off. Instead, try a white pencil skirt or a fitted white dress. You will look lovely!


Sixth, you should avoid stripes


Well, that’s silly. Of course you can wear stripes! We just don’t recommend you wear them all over. Pair stripes with solids, and you will have taken control of this look. Vertical stripes in particular can be especially thinning, and we cannot recommend them enough.


Seventh, do not wear skinny jeans


Whether you think skinny jeans look ridiculous or not, this rule is not entirely true. As with so many of the other styles mentioned in this article, wearing skinny jeans is all a matter of picking jeans with the right fit. Never settle for a pair that is not perfect for your body!


Eighth, choose solids and avoid prints


This rule has been tossed around in many fashion circles for years. What you should do is avoid prints that are too large or too small for you. You don’t want to look like you are being eaten by some huge print, but you also don’t want to appear as if you are covered with a million little designs. You will want to find a middle ground somewhere in between these two that looks right on your figure.


Ninth, you should always listen to fashion experts


This is false. Even the advice given in this article is not fashion gospel. If you love something so much that it makes you feel pretty and confident, chances are it looks great on you. Proudly wear it, and be yourself.


Megan Barnes is an enthusiastic stylist. She loves blogging about ways the everyday woman can look and feel beautiful.