Chappaqua Businesses “Shovel Out” and Turn White Stuff into Green Stuff

The average American will spend about $800 on holiday gifts this year, and local Chappaqua businesses did not let yesterday’s snow storm bury their goal of earning their share.

 shovel out to shop
Led by the Chamber of Commerce, local merchants created a “flash sale” literally overnight used digital marketing to get word of special deals andSunday store hours to more than 10,000 shoppers. We simply declared “Sundayis the new Saturday!” in Chappaqua says Executive Director Solveig McShea, who worked with merchants to create the deals between 10am on Saturdaymorning and 6pm Saturday night, when the news was spread via Facebook, e-marketing, and “digital word-of-mouth” among the 10,000 members of various local online groups. Local resident Lara Skolnick created the logo, based on a tagline devised by a Chappaqua Mom while chatting on Facebook.
“Our businesses are really committed to compelling people to shop local,” continues McShea and we are committed to finding creative ways to do it! We’re confident that today will be a great shopping day — as soon as people can dig out their driveways.” One local restaurant is promoting its hot soup. “We’ll all need that today,” quips McShea.