Careers in the Sports Industry


While many men and women dream of becoming professional sports players, only a select few will be able to make the cut. However, that does not mean that others cannot have a fulfilling career within the industry. By changing your mindset regarding the type of career you will have, from sports player to someone who works in other areas, you can look into the ways you can best get into the industry, both from an educational standpoint and through the connections you make.

Health Sciences

Many competitors in the sports industry face a number of illnesses or injuries throughout their careers. Due to this, they need someone with the right set of skills and education to tend to their needs. Gaining a masters degree in health sciences can help you to understand the requirements of your client, and meet their needs. On top of this, through higher education, you can also become equipped with the skills and practices which will allow you to remain professional and caring at all times, no matter how severe the problem is. Many further education programs can also require, and support, you to undertake some experience within the field, which can allow you to start working while studying, and give you a foot in the door at a sports club.


While taking a management position may not be something that is immediately offered to you within the sports industry, you can start honing your skills now, so that it is easier when the time comes to work your way up the employment ladder. Some of the essential skills required in a sports manager can vary. It is important that you have a high level of enthusiasm for that particular sport, so you can give it your all. Alongside this, you need to have great communication skills, both for the individual or team that you are managing, as well as any publicity requests and even liaison with others you work around. Being able to stay calm under pressure is also a necessity, as tension can get very high both during playing season, as well as if injuries or scandals were to occur.


There are a number of jobs that need to be undertaken behind the scenes within the sports industry. One of these is the marketing for a team or individual. To accomplish this successfully, you may require a marketing degree, as well as several years within the business, before you are able to apply to larger teams or sports institutions. By learning how to effectively use the different types of marketing, as well as to understand when each would be most lucrative, you can help draw in attention and sales, increasing the following of whomever you represent.

The sports industry is about more than just the players or individuals who compete. There are a number of roles outside of play that also need to be filled so that the industry can remain operative. By choosing one of these, you can work within the industry you love, even if athletics are not your forte.


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