BuzzFeed Food’s Healthy Eating Challenge

Mebuzzfeed-eating -challengeMemorial day is Omg in two weeks.   How did that happen.?  What happened to next summer I will be thin? Or my New Year’s resolution to eat healthier.   Oh yeah Life..  I could never do this unless it was planned out to a tee like this and believe it or not Buzzfeed  has done just that.  The recipes are keepers . You are going to male them even if your not detoxing





BuzzFeed Food  yes Buzzfeed the funniest website to come along in a while has just launched a realistic two-week detox plan with food that’s delicious, easy, and filling. With the help of a nutritionist, two BuzzFeed Food editors created original recipes and a step-by-step plan for re-setting your body. Each day is made up of 5 small meals and includes instructions for shopping, prep, and cooking.   Perfect to do before Memorial Day weekend – I could never do this unless it was planned out to a tee like this



There are pictures and recipes for all the food.  There are even pictures of the equipment you need. 


Printable everything from shopping list, recipes and equipment.




BuzzFeed Food editors tested the entire Clean Eating Challenge and can vouch for the validity and deliciousness of every recipe. If you have questions about the challenge or any of the dishes, you can email Christine Byrne


It’s going to make you feel like this: