Bill Nye the Science Guy Appearing at Barnes & Noble Eastchester Thursday, April 6 at 7PM


Science enthusiasts rejoice! The Barnes & Noble in Eastchester will be hosting Bill Nye the Science Guy and novelist Gregory Mone Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m. for the release of their new book series Jack and the Geniuses. Nye and Mone will be in the store signing books and talking about the new series, including the opening book Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World.

The release date is Tuesday, April 4, and Barnes & Noble Eastchester will give out wristbands for priority seating to Thursday’s event with the purchase of Jack and the Geniuses.

In this new book, kids meet Jack and his foster siblings who are orphans and geniuses. The trio tries to spy on the world’s leading scientist, but end up working in his incredible laboratory. Together, the kids and scientist head to Antarctica for a science competition, where things are not as they seem. A fellow scientist and her research have gone missing, and it is up to Jack and his siblings to find the scientist and uncover the culprit. 

Nye, a science educator, mechanical engineer, television host, and New York Times bestselling author, is popularly known for his Emmy award-winning syndicated television show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Co-author, Mone, a novelist, science journalist, and speaker, has written several books for children as well as writing for adults.

“He decided he wanted to try fiction and spread his love of science and technology to kids in a different way,” Mone said. “He’s a great teacher and a great educator, but I think he wanted to try something a little bit different.

The inspiration for the book’s plot and characters came from both authors. While some of the characters and the basic ideas were derived from Nye’s love for the Tom Swiss novels where characters go on adventures and solve problems through science, some of the character inspiration also came from real world kids that Mone has written about in magazines for popular science.


“We both think Antarctica is a really cool place, so we thought it’d be fun to send some characters down there,” Mone said.

The book integrates real science facts with humor and suspense and features a loveable cast of boy and girl characters that is engaging for middle-grade readers. Also included with the book is information about the science discussed to solve the mystery as well as a cool science project readers can do at home or in the classroom.

Nye will only be signing his books, like Jack and the Geniuses, as well as backlisted titles without personalization. He will sign multiple copies of his book for one person if the opportunity arises; however, he unfortunately will not sign photos, memorabilia, napkins, shirts, etc.