Bill Glenn of Crenshaw Associates to Keynote C-Suite Awards

Bill Glenn, Executive Chairman of Crenshaw Associates, is the keynote speaker at the upcoming C-Suite Awards in Stamford, CT.  

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  • How broadened stakeholder interests have impacted CHROs.
  • The top issues that are making executive leadership more complex.
  • The role of data in aligning strategy, culture, and talent for accelerated performance.
  • The number one leadership issue plaguing most founders in mid-market companies.


Bill Glenn is the Executive Chairman of Crenshaw Associates, an executive coaching firm that works with CHROS and CEOS at the intersection of executive leadership and corporate strategy. Crenshaw has been committed to the corporate sector for the past 40 years in human capital, senior executive development and c-suite transition services.

Prior to Crenshaw Associates, Bill was the CEO of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and led the development of the $2B spin-off as a stand-alone, independent company. GBT is the world’s largest corporate travel management company operating in 140 countries around the globe with 14 thousand employees. Bill was President of Amex’s $5B Commercial Services business. He identified operating synergies between the Global Corporate Payments and Global Business Travel divisions, and created a disruptive new business model that capitalized on rapidly evolving technology trends in business travel.

An ex-Amex Executive, Glenn lives by the maxim, “Leadership is the ability to influence others, character is about internal effect and the ability to influence oneself.”- Admiral James Stavridis