Best Wireless Bra: Wireless Bras For Every Breast Shape



Wireless bras are one of those amazing pieces that bring you so many benefits no matter your shape, size or style. Universally loved for the comfortable yet secure fit, this item is the ultimate switch if you are looking to elevate not only your top drawer, by your day-to-day lifestyle too. Whether you are looking to maximize your movements overseas or you are simply looking to swap out your current bras for something for suited to you and your wardrobe, then these wireless styles are going to be the pick for you. Keep reading to discover the best wireless bras for every shape and size…

Bamboo Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra

Bella Bodies

If you are searching for a bra that brings you a superior level of comfort and support without having to compromise on style, then the Bamboo Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra is going to be the one for you. Made from airy and lightweight bamboo lyocell that feels like nothing against the skin, this style works to regulate your temperature, keep your fit breezy with breathable properties and stay smooth and soft all day long no matter what you’re up to. It is complete with a stretch hem that does not feature back clasps for a seamless fit that won’t show underneath your clothing and that will feel amazing against our form throughout the day. You can adjust the fit with the flexible yet secure straps and choose your level of support with removable bra cups too. Choose from a range of stunning colours for a stylish addition to your wardrobe that you won’t know how you lived without.

Travel Ultimate Adjustable Bra

Bella Bodies

Packing your bags and jetting off somewhere new? Shopping for a dedicated travel bra is going to make such a huge difference to your comfort and your confidence while you are out and about enjoying a fresh environment. The Travel Ultimate Adjustable Bra is made from forward-facing fabric that will work to keep you dry and comfortable while you are on your adventure. This fabric is also incredibly light, making it a dream to wear but also incredibly convenient for packing away in your suitcase. The style is made in a flattering fit with seamless finishes, a fantastic amount of stretch and adjustable straps so you can make the level of support and fit work perfectly for you and your unique dimensions. It is also complete with removable bra cups for an additional layer of customization that is going to work perfectly with your form no matter what size you are.

Ultimate Skinny Strap Bra

Bella Bodies

The Ultimate Skinny Strap Bra is nothing short of genius. This subtle yet supportive style features ultra-streamlined straps that will sit discreetly beneath all your Camis and tops without revealing anything – coupled with the seamless second-skin fit. It is a dream for those who are looking for an everyday style that they can layer beneath everything and anything. It is cut in a flattering V-neckline and has adjustable straps as well as extra double stitching for a superior fit that brings customizable wear and additional separation and definition.